Scope of Application and Observance

Scope of Application

This Code of Conduct applies to all Directors, executive officers and employees of Panasonic Corporation (PC) and all of its operating divisions and controlled subsidiaries.

Issuance, Adoption and Modification

The Board of Directors of PC issues this Code of Conduct and the Board of Directors of each PC controlled subsidiary shall adopt this Code.

With prior approval of the PC head office, a PC controlled subsidiary may modify the contents of this Code or adopt its own Code in accordance with nature and area of business, the laws, regulations and customs of the relevant country or region, provided that such modified or alternate Code shall not include any provisions that conflict with this Code.


This Code of Conduct shall be revised in the manner described above when required by social, business or other relevant conditions.

Director/Officer Responsible for Observance of this Code and Employee Education/Training

Each Group company shall appoint either a Director or an executive officer responsible for ensuring observance of this Code of Conduct. Also, each Group company will take steps to promote employee awareness of, and compliance with, company policies through appropriate explanation of these policies, including training programs.

Violation of the Code of Conduct

Violations of this Code will be taken very seriously. Any member of the Board of Directors or executive officers violating the Code will be dealt with either by appropriate laws and regulations, or by Company regulations.
An employee violating the Code will be dealt with according to employee regulations.