FY2019 ECO-VC Activity -Proposal and Application Guidelines

1) Objective

Implement cost rationalizations, CO2 reductions, reduction in total resources used, utilize recycled resources used and enhance product competitiveness through joint initiatives between Panasonic and its business partners and thereby help preserve the global environment.

2) Application Guidelines

1.Please refer to Activity Proposal, the Key Points of ECO-VC Activities, and apply your achievements or proposal using the designated form to the procurement professionals at our company to whom you are dealing with.

2.Screening process at Panasonic company
- Application acceptance period (January 2019 through March 2019)

May vary by each Panasonic company. Please contact procurement professional at Panasonic company for the details.

Application Guideline and Application Form

All proposals must be related to Panasonic products.
For CO2 conversion, please refer "Panasonic CO2 Emissions Coefficients"

3. Screening Board Meeting (To be conducted by Panasonic Global Procurement Company)

(1) Initial Screenings. Venue: Panasonic Shoshin Hall. Osaka, Japan.
- May, 2019 (Planned)

(2) Final Screenigs. Venue: Panasonic Wonder Lab Osaka. Osaka, Japan.
- July, 2019 (Planned)

4) For inquiry about ECO-VC Activity

Please contact procurement person in charge at local Panasonic Manufacturing Company
or Panasonic Company.

You may also contact to ECO-VC Activity Administration at