Automotive Company

(As of November 2021)

Photo: Masashi Nagayasu, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), In charge of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Promotion, Automotive Company, Panasonic Corporation. Title wording: Leveraging Proprietary Panasonic Know-How to Contribute to Improving the Vehicle and Mobility Experience

The concept of the Mobility Society is changing drastically under the influence of evolving lifestyles and technological innovation driven by growing interest in the areas of Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric (CASE). The Automotive Company is responding to this era of great change by bringing together technologies cultivated over many years in the automotive business and the know-how accumulated in the Panasonic Group’s consumer electronics and housing businesses.

Leveraging Proprietary Panasonic Know-How

Our mission is to “create a sustainable Mobility Society that realizes a better life for each individual.” The Panasonic Group has long been involved in home appliances and other businesses that are a familiar part of our daily lives and, as a member of that Group, we will also be there for our customers by helping to create comfortable, safe and secure mobile spaces. We crafted our new slogan with this in mind, and “Heartmotive” reflects the combination of human emotion (heart) and automobiles. Although many things can now be achieved remotely, people’s essential desire to be mobile remains unchanged. I believe this is because everyone is looking for their own unique “encounters”. Under our new slogan, we will concentrate on continuing to create inspiring encounters.

Diagram title: ‘The Automotive Company’s New Slogan: Heartmotive’ Photo: Light shining from the palms of a pair of hands. Wording in diagram: What is Heartmotive? It is a slogan that succinctly expresses the mission and vision. 1. Essence of the value that we provide to society 2. Action guidelines that become the origins of all our actions ‘Heartmotive: Touching Moments & Stories’

Cockpit Integrated Solutions that Improve Vehicle Value

Leveraging Panasonic’s proprietary know-how, we will focus on cockpit integrated solutions that enhance the value of the vehicles themselves as well as cabin interior innovation solutions that enhance the value of the mobility experience. A safe and comfortable cockpit space becomes the vehicle’s nerve center, housing AI algorithms, sensors, augmented reality (AR) and other advanced technologies. As market leaders for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, we boast a major share of the world’s IVI market. The scale of these systems will continue to expand to accommodate exponential growth in the amount of information being handled. We are developing an ecosystem with IT partners and other third parties rather than trying to handle everything in-house. So we are collaborating with a broad range of companies, and are also playing a role in shaping industry standards for a variety of technologies. We believe the time has come to take full advantage of our cumulative efforts.

Diagram title: ‘We Possess an Extensive Lineup of Products and Integrating Technologies’ Using system integration technologies (hypervisor, etc.), the cockpit domain controller is a system for the integration of IVI, display meters, HUD, intelligent rearview monitoring systems, ADAS, driver monitoring systems and display audio/ANC. (OpenSynergy logo) IVI is an abbreviation of in-vehicle infotainment. HUD is an abbreviation of head-up display. ADAS is an abbreviation of advanced driver-assistance systems. ANC is an abbreviation of active noise control. Hypervisor is a technology that enables a single processor to run multiple OSs.

Cabin Interior Innovation Solutions Add Value to the Mobility Experience

Another term — “cabin interior innovation solutions” — describes our efforts to enhance the value of each person’s mobility experience. We employ a methodology that starts by predicting changes in people's lives, values and mobility styles beyond 2030 and then backcasts these changes to formulate a business forecast. We will develop a wide variety of solutions relating to safety and security such as vehicle monitoring and in-vehicle hygiene. These include a solution that bridges the sensory gap between the driver and autonomous vehicle control, as well as emotional guidance that encourages passengers to relax and feel mentally and physically refreshed. We will ascertain what constitutes a more comfortable and seamless vehicle interior by utilizing the vast amount of data on lifestyles and behavior accumulated by the Panasonic Group. We will generate new spatial value through co-creation efforts with automobile and related manufacturers and other parties inside and outside the Group.

Diagram title: ‘Initiatives for Cabin Interior Innovation Solutions’ Under the banner of ‘Creating businesses by observing the changes in people’s lives and forecasting the future,’ the Automotive Company is observing and predicting values, thought processes and buying behavior from the viewpoints of demographic changes, value diversification, urbanization and depopulation, sharing, evolution of AI and IoT, increased MaaS adoption, CASE developments, and so on. Furthermore, the Automotive Company is predicting changes in people’s lives and mobility styles beyond 2030, then by backcasting these changes from there, implementing proposals on utilizing ecological materials, proposals on more comfortable use, proposals on more seamless interiors, and proposals on mobility after autonomous driving is realized, toward an even better future.

Elderly drivers turning in their licenses has become a hot topic of late, even as younger generations are moving away from car ownership. We would like to provide solutions that do not deprive senior citizens of the opportunity to move around safely and that remind younger generations of the appeal of mobility.

To start our automotive business off on a new note, we will be changing our company name to "Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd." in April 2022. We will seek to further contribute to the rapidly changing automobile industry through the responsive management approach made possible by our operating company system.