Entertainment & Communication Business Division

(This article is current as of December 2021)

Photo: Akira Toyoshima, President, Entertainment & Communication Business Division, Panasonic Corporation. Title wording: Pursuing New Emotion and Relaxation in Daily Living as Professionals Who Aspire to Create the Future

In October 2021, the Entertainment & Communication Business Division was established as a new independent business entity integrating organizations necessary for business operations, such as the procurement department and marketing and design department, into a single entity. The Smart Life Network Division under the former Appliance Company is now the parent organization.

Offering People a New Kind of Emotion and Relaxation through Our Entertainment & Communication Solutions

The visual and sound business, which includes TVs, recorders and home theater systems, accounts for 70% of the total business. The imaging business, which includes digital cameras and video cameras, accounts for 12%, and the smart communication business, which includes headphones, intercoms, video intercoms, and telephones and fax machines, accounts for 18%.

Figure title: ‘Business Areas of the Entertainment & Communication Business Division’ The division’s consolidated sales for 2020 stood at 462.6 billion yen: The visual and sound business accounted for 70% of these sales, the imaging business 12%, and the smart communication business 18%. The visual and sound business offers mainly OLED TVs (VIERA), layout-free TVs, 4K LCD TVs (VIERA), home theatre systems (soundbars), portable TVs (Private VIERA), Blu-ray/DVD recorders (DIGA), Home Cloud DIGA, mini-component/speaker systems, and gaming neck speakers. The imaging business offers mainly full-size/Micro Four Thirds single lens cameras, compact cameras, interchangeable lenses, and video cameras. The smart communication business offers mainly headphones, telephones, fax machines, intercoms/TV door intercoms, home navigation, and home networks.

Our mission is to offer people new emotion and relaxation through our entertainment & communication solutions, and our vision is to be professional to create the future continuously by connecting people with world class audio, visual and communication.

We believe life can be enriched by experiencing exciting things and having heartwarming interactions with others within our daily lives, and not only simply lived through solving difficulties and challenges.

Even if you take just one day — from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night — the day is made up of a series of very different scenes, and that time can be made even more valuable by the connections we have with other people, the emotions we feel and the sense of peace we experience. “Creating valuable time” is exactly what we are trying to do. Our strengths lie in the technological, manufacturing, and operational capabilities that we have cultivated over the years, and by further refining these capabilities and delivering new products and services, we hope to help enrich the valuable time of our customers' lives.

Focusing on Development That Directly Links to Customer Values as a Light, Fast, and Strong Business Entity

We are currently building a business structure that is lighter, faster and stronger. With a single organization that combines the three business units of TV, audio and visual, imaging, and communications into one, we will create new values through the integration of technologies and quicker decision-making through a simpler process. In addition, by identifying the values our customers look for, we can pursue what we should really deliver and focus our resources on development that directly relates to customer values.

A New Lifestyle (New Customer Experience and Emotional Value) That Delivers Emotion and Relaxation

Until now, we have delivered value created by the technological evolutions of individual devices, such as TVs and audio, but from now on, our focus will be on delivering the values that our customers are looking for. We will provide new lifestyles (and new customer experiences) by connecting devices to each other, and also by connecting people to each other and sharing the excitement.

Figure title: ‘A New Lifestyle (New Customer Experience and Emotional Value) That Delivers Emotion and Relaxation’ In the Family product field, NICOBO, next-generation displays, DIGA Kurashi Hubs, and next-generation intercoms stay ahead of evolving lifestyles with connected value. In the Personal product field, fully wireless earphones and other Technics brand products are customized for listening, speaking and all kinds of diversified sound needs. In the Creator product field, through LUMIX digital cameras, everyone can share their emotions with the best images as they please.

We will propose new lifestyles through connecting devices in the home and in the field of the "family" products used at home. For example, the layout-free TV is different from conventional TVs in that it can be moved freely to different locations, allowing people to not only watch TV programs, but also enjoy using it in a variety of ways that are compatible with changes in their lives, such as new ways of using the living space or increased remote work. We will further refine products and services that anticipate evolving lifestyles based on the technologies and strengths we have cultivated over the years and deliver new emotion and relaxation.

In the "personal" product field, we will focus on technologies and products that maximize the emotional experience of individuals. Our true wireless headphones offer not only the basic features of headphones and a way to listen to music, but also a full range of optimal features that make them valuable for on-the-go calls and online meetings. They incorporate the acoustic technology cultivated under the Technics brand in addition to voice processing technology, such as noise cancellation, and call performance and wireless technology originally developed for communication terminals. We will continue to offer new forms of communications to meet the needs of diversifying lifestyles in the future.

With digital cameras, both professionals and amateurs alike share the same desire to preserve and share their emotions, and we believe that each and every one of us, including general customers, is a "creator.” In the field of "creator" products, the value of being able to easily upload videos recorded with LUMIX using a smartphone and connect with anyone at any time has been highly valued. Through LUMIX, we will not only enable users to record photos and videos with high quality, but also deliver an exciting lifestyle where people can share their emotions as they wish.

Contributing to the Realization of a Sustainable Society through Our Business Activities

We are committed to offering emotion and relaxation to our customers through the power of entertainment and communications, while at the same time contributing to solving environmental issues through our business activities. We will continue to work on activities that reduce CO2 emissions, improve production operation losses and increase productivity at manufacturing sites, as well as on developing energy-saving products and adopting eco-friendly packaging.

From April 2022, we will be taking a new step forward as Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Corporation and we will accelerate our efforts to pursue unprecedented emotion and relaxation as professionals who aspire to create the future.