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(This article is current as of November 2021)

Photo: Shinji Sakamoto, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Industry Company, Panasonic Corporation. Title wording: Striving to Be an Indispensable Partner by Sincerely Addressing the Challenges of Our Customers and Working Together to Realize Their Vision

The Industry Company of Panasonic Corporation was established on October 1, 2021 with the mission of opening the way to a better future and continuing to contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies.

Business Development Centered on Distinctive World-Leading Products

Our operations comprise an electronic device business, which has unique material/process technologies, and a module system business that incorporates these electronic devices.

These businesses prioritize areas such as factory labor-saving, information and communication infrastructure, and in-vehicle CASE (*1), where there are multiple customer challenges and requests, and where continuous evolution is required.

*1 CASE: Connected (vehicles are always connected to communication networks), Autonomous (automated driving), Shared & Services (shared use of vehicles, services), Electric

Figure title: ‘Providing Outstanding Customer Value with Unique Materials and Process Technologies’ In the factory labor-saving domain, we offer FA solutions such as industrial motors, sensors, and controllers for factory equipment. We have the leading global share in industrial motors for the Chinese equipment market. In the information and communications infrastructure domain, we hold the highest global share of the market for conductive polymer capacitors for data centers. We also hold the highest global share of the market for multi-layer circuit board materials for use in base stations, etc. In the in-vehicle CASE domain, we have the highest global share of the market for EV film capacitor units and relays used in in-vehicle power supplies. Finally, we have the highest share of the global market for hybrid capacitors and in-vehicle inductors for use in electronic control units (ECUs).

We have narrowed down our product lineup to those areas in which the distinctive features of our unique material technologies and process technologies can provide outstanding customer value.

Specifically, we are expanding our business in the factory labor-saving domain primarily through motors for industrial application, along with sensors and controllers. In the area of information and communication infrastructure, we offer conductive polymer capacitors and multi-layer circuit board materials for data centers and base stations, while for in-vehicle CASE, our business efforts are centered on distinctive products with high global market share, such as EV film capacitor units and EV relays.

Driving Business Growth with Three Core Businesses

In addition to strengthening our current world-leading products, we are looking to create other key businesses that will drive our future growth.

There are three core businesses — FA (Factory Automation) solutions, electronic materials, and capacitors — which will drive this endeavor.

In FA solutions, one strategy to expand our business scope is to support small and medium-sized machine builders, primarily in China where our motors for industrial application have a high market share. We will be proposing package solutions that combine motors with sensors and software, rather than simply offering motors on their own.

Our electronic material business will focus on products with high market share, such as semiconductor peripheral materials as well as circuit board materials for information and communication infrastructure. The semiconductor industry is undergoing dramatic changes, and we believe that customer issues will become increasingly complex, making it more difficult to resolve these issues using the previous approach of individual materials. To meet such needs, we intend to lead the evolution of advanced semiconductor packages by proposing combinations of multiple semiconductor materials.

In our capacitor business, we are developing supercapacitors that transcend the limitations of existing technology through industry-academia collaboration to meet large-capacity needs. We hope to put these to practical use in the latter half of the 2020s and develop new power storage applications.

Figure title: ‘Three Core Businesses to Drive Growth’ The figure introduces our three core businesses—FA solutions, electronic materials, and capacitors—the individual strengths and key improvements for each, as well as information on the expansion of business areas. Our strengths in FA solutions are high-precision servo motor technology and the top share in China in small servos. The key improvement to be made is to expand local production for local consumption in China. In doing so, we will support small- and medium-sized machine builders by proposing simple packages that combine motors, sensors, and software. Our strengths in electronic materials are low-loss/high-heat-resistance technologies and the top share in high-speed transmission boards. The key improvement to be made is to acquire material technologies that we do not have. In doing so, we will lead the evolution of advanced semiconductor packages by proposing combinations of multiple semiconductor materials. Our strengths in capacitors are highly reliable technologies based on original materials/processes and the top market share courtesy of our superior conductivity. The key improvement to be made is to develop design/production processes through industry-academia collaboration. In doing so, we will develop new storage applications (in-vehicle/data centers) with supercapacitors with an incomparably larger capacity.

Helping to Reduce Our Environmental Impact by Evolving Our Production Activities and Product Performance

To achieve net zero CO2 emissions (carbon neutrality) by 2030, we will be working to continually reduce manufacturing loss and energy consumption while converting to clean energy for our production activities.

In addition, we will be helping to reduce our environmental impact by improving our product performance. This will include cutting down on components, production and transport energy by reducing the size and weight of products and by lowering replacement frequency through products with lower loss and higher durability.

Aiming to Become an Indispensable Partner

In establishing the Industry Company, we devised the brand slogan “Your Committed Enabler” to express our idea of sincerely address the challenges of our customers and working together to realize their vision.

As an independent entity, we will strive to open the way to a better future and contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies, working with our customers to achieve their goals and proactively propose solutions that anticipate the future.

In April 2022, the Panasonic Group will be transitioning to a holding company system, and the Industry Company of Panasonic Corporation will subsequently be making a new start as Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

As a new operating company, Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. will be boldly reforming our working styles and personnel systems to evolve into a company where employees can work with excitement, where their willingness to take on challenges is valued, and where they can enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with contributing to society.

Figure title: ‘Pursuing Business Activities as Your Committed Enabler’ Photo: Two mountain climbers high-fiving while enjoying the morning sun. In-figure text: ‘Your Committed Enabler’ Mission (significance of existence): We will open the way to a better future and continue to contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies. Vision (what we aim to achieve on a long-term basis): We face the challenges of our customers with sincerity, we work together to realize the future they envision.