Business Segments

Panasonic Corporation is comprised of various business domain companies, from AV to home appliances, to industrial solutions and other consumer electronic products. Each company has its distinct R&D, production, and sales functions that satisfy specific consumer needs worldwide.

April 1,2019

Appliances Company Appliances Company

We provide products and services for a wide range of spaces, from homes to offices and stores, focusing on B2C businesses such as home appliances, beauty, and health, and B2B businesses such as cooling and heating appliances for commercial use, devices, energy etc.

Main products

Development, manufacture and sales of consumer electronics (such as flat panel TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, personal-care products, microwave ovens, home audio equipment, video equipment, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers), air-conditioners (such as room air-conditioners, large-sized air-conditioners), cold chain (such as showcases), and devices (such as nanoe, metering device, fuel cells) related products

Life Solutions Company Life Solutions Company

From the business field of electric components and lighting fixtures, we offer comfortable space and enriched time from every aspect of lifestyle, including housing, offices, commercial facilities and smart towns.

Main products

Lighting fixtures, wiring devices, Home Automation Systems, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, Residence and Urban Development, and Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle

Connected Solutions Company Connected Solutions Company

In the six priority business segments "Distribution", "Logistics", "Entertainment", "Public", "Avionics" and "Manufacturing", we provide "connected values" to our B2B customers.

Main products

Providing solutions as below

  • Development/Manufacturing/Sales of products
  • System Integration/Installation/Support and Maintenance
  • Service and Operation

Target areas are
Aviation, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Retail, Logistics and Public

Automotive Company Automotive Company

The Automotive Company’s business field includes in-vehicle infotainment, in-vehicle electronics, automotive mirrors and motorized systems such as automotive batteries. The company provides innovative devices and solutions for changing lifestyles while traveling, reducing driver load and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Main products

The development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components, Next-generation cockpit systems, Navigation systems, ETC onboard units, Camera modules, Onboard charging systems, and Inverter-integrated compressors.

Industrial Solutions Company Industrial Solutions Company

The Industrial Solutions Company proposes an extensive range of solutions in the B2B business areas including electronic components, FA and industrial devices, electronic materials and batteries.

Main products

The development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components, electromechanical and control devices, electronic materials, liquid crystal panels, motors, primary batteries, and rechargeable batteries.

China & Northeast Asia Company China & Northeast Asia Company

With the needs of the Chinese market in mind, China & Northeast Asia Company will contribute to creating a better living space through integration of its traditional strength in home appliances and residential equipment, as well as enhancing the supply chain for fresh food with cold chain at its core.

US Company US Company

Capitalizing on high-tech and digital transformation growth markets, we aim to provide solutions to carve out a competitive advantage and to position ourselves for growth by establishing market leadership.
We have two core business segments and one incubation-stage business: Supplying lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and electricity storage systems; Hussmann Corporation, refrigeration systems and display case provider; and Smart Mobility Office that would leverage data to increase road safety and reduce road traffic and congestion.