Corporate Citizenship Activities   

Panasonic's brand slogan is "A Better Life, A Better World." This slogan is the foundation
of both our business activities and our corporate civic activities, through which we aim to
contribute to the solution of social problems, the creation of better ways to live,
the development of society, and human happiness worldwide.
We will continue to work together with all our stakeholders and to contribute to the creation
of a sustainable society while leveraging the know-how and resources that we cultivated
through developing and manufacturing products and technologies.

The Founder, Konosuke Matsushita

Panasonic's founder, Konosuke Matsushita, promoted his management philosophy that
Panasonic would " contribute to society through its work, taking the role of a public entity of society."
He managed the company with the goal of contributing to society through its electronics business.
And besides managing the business, in 1969, he established a division dedicated to corporate social
responsibility activities with the intent to be in harmony with society.

Global program

Bringing Light People

Photos contributing to people without electricity

The New activity launchs in 2018 after the end of 100 Thousands Solar Lanterns Project.
This is The donation program to provide "light" that brightens people's futures.
Not only Panasonic employees but all people can contribute to people without electricity.

Off-grid Solutions Project

Photos that support areas without electricity

Off-grid Solutions Project is aimed at contributing to the development of sustainable society that enables every person in areas without a reliable supply of electricity to live independently. Panasonic supports areas without electricity through product donations as well as education and awareness-raising activities.

Kid Witness News

Photos of a global hands-on video education program

KWN is a global hands-on video education program for students supported by Panasonic.
Contributing to the realization "A Better Life, A Better World"

Panasonic Scholarship Asia

Photo showing financial support for university students throughout Asia

Panasonic created the Asia Panasonic Scholarships to provide economic support for university students throughout Asia.


Photo of RiSuPia, built by the same facility in Hanoi, Vietnam

Since the museum's founding in August 2006, approximately 400,000 visitors come annually, and it holds a variety of events and highly specialized workshops every weekend.
And identical facilities were built in Hanoi, Vietnam in September 2010.
The museum advances science and mathematics education abroad.

Panasonic Eco Relay for Sustainable Earth

Photos of Panasonic employees and their families participating in environmental events

This environmental event establishes deep roots in local communities worldwide through the active participation of Panasonic's employees and their families.

Eco Learning
(Environmental Education)

Photograph of state of learning of environmental education

Panasonic employees from around the world use our original educational material to promote environmental education that is adapted to the local environment.

Disaster Relief

Photo of relief support to the stricken area

Panasonic provides equipment and products for emergency relief, as well as funds for relief support to disaster affected areas and the government.


Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News

    There are no announcements at this time.

    Japanese program

    Solving Social Issues in Emerging and Developing Countries

    Photos of social issues in emerging and developing countries

    The emerging and developing countries of the world are currently facing avariety of social issues related to subjects including poverty, energy,education, food, medicine, and health. At Panasonic, we see doing everything we can for regional development through our main line of business as our mission. We put our technologies, solutions, and expertise to active use toward resolving regional social issues.

    Support for Learning

    Photo of Support for Learning

    At Panasonic, we believe that support for learning is an important activity that should be undertaken on a global scale, based on the understanding that a sustainable society is created by people.
    Panasonic is involved in a variety of programs that make the most of our strengths and resources with a view to supporting children and young people in regions all over the world in developing the skills and abilities they will need to thrive in the future, as well as educating global human resources and providing them with opportunities to exercise their talents and abilities to their fullest toward the realization of their own dreams for the future.

    NPO Support

    Photo of NPOs and NGOs

    Society needs to strengthen the organizational foundations of NPOs and NGOs if it is to sustainably
    develop civic activities that aim to solve social issues toward the realization of a sustainable society. In 2001, Panasonic, in its efforts to put a special focus on this area within CSR activities, founded the Panasonic NPO Support Fund, a grant program that supports the strengthening of the organization foundations of NPOs and NGOs, which has continued its efforts toward this goal since its founding.

    Panasonic Eco Relay Japan

    Photo of  Panasonic Eco Relay Japan

    Panasonic Eco Relay Japan (PERJ) is a joint project across all of Panasonic in Japan, including the company, the union, and the association of retired alumni, that actively participates in environmental activism together with local communities with the goal of contributing to a sustainable society.


    Support for educational scholarships and recognition of academic achievement

    In order to raise people who will lead the next generation, Panasonic established foundations early on, and it is involved in a wide range of talent cultivating activities,including educational scholarship support and honoring academic achievements. Even today, we receive support from people from all industries to develop our daily activities.

    Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support

    Photos supporting people in the affected areas

    Panasonic continues to provide various reconstruction support to the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Reconstruction from this earthquake, which brought unprecedented damage to the Tohoku region, will still take a long time. Panasonic is committed to continue its enduring support, with the hope that it can aid the people of the affected areas.

    Support for the arts and culture

    Photos showing excellent works of art

    The arts and culture represent the people, customs, and history of a country, and are an indispensable,
    key part of a spiritually rich society, which provides the joy in life and vibrant emotions. Panasonic's
    efforts in supporting the arts and culture include providing places to exhibit excellent works of art, contributing to local cultural events, encouraging employees to participate, and supporting and collaborating with NPOs. We also aim to encourage and pass down traditional techniques to young artists from the perspective of raising the next generation, providing education, and boost global awareness.