Awards and Recognitions

Panasonic has been recognized by a number of foundations and organizations for its commitment to the community.


Panasonic China wins the China Green Company Award

Panasonic Corporation of China (Panasonic China) was awarded the China Green Company Award at the second annual China Green Company Conference in Beijing.
The China Green Company Award accredits companies with development potentiality and sustainable competitiveness, based on criteria such as environment, society, business, culture and innovation. In the fiscal year 2008, the second year of the Award, ten foreign-affiliated companies as well as ten from China were commended.
Panasonic China won the Award for its original environmental technologies and environmental activities in China.

Panasonic China receives award for support to Lifeline Express

Beijing - On December 11, 2008, the "Awarding Ceremony for Poverty Aid by Global Corporations" was held at China's Ministry of Commerce, to commend foreign companies in China who stand out because of their substantial corporate giving. Panasonic Corporation of China (PCN) received an award for its support to the "Lifeline Express". A certificate and letter of appreciation were handed to PCN Vice President Ma Yunfei.
The Lifeline Express is a hospital train that provides free surgery for people suffering from cataract in rural China. There are currently more than 5 million cataract patients in China, and this number is rising by 500,000 a year. However, most of these patients live in isolated areas in rural China and do not have access to medical treatment. The Lifeline Express was a gift from Hong Kong on the occasion of the transfer of sovereignty to China in July 1997, and currently there are three trains in business, serving people at 67 stops in 57 poor regions throughout China. To date, more than 80,000 people have regained their sight.
PCN has supported the Lifeline Express since 2006, and contributed 200,000 yuan in 2008. This support has been used to provide surgeries to 100 cataract patients.


In the US, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company has been awarded with several recognitions from the Community Foundation of New Jersey for its achievements in making a difference in people's lives through its corporate citizenship activities.

  • "2003 Corporate Philanthropist of the Year" in the Education category
  • "2001, 1999, 1998 Corporate Philanthropist of the Year" in the Arts category
  • "2000 Corporate Philanthropist of the Year"


Panaonic Corporation (Panasonic's Headquarters) in Japan received the following awards from the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts for its commitment to the arts. The Associations for Corporate Support of the Arts, or Kigyo Mecenat Kyogikai, recognizes corporations and corporate foundations whose support for the arts has significantly contributed to Japanese culture and society.

  • "2004 Mecenat Award for Promoting Culture Among Children" for its support of the "Shakespeare for Children Series"
  • "1999 Mecenat Award for Best Achievement in Fostering Artists and Artistic Groups" for its support of the Pacific Music Festival
  • "1997 Mecenat Planning Award" for its support of the Hanshin Art Project
  • "1993 Mecenat Award" for its support of the Globe Tokyo

The "2003 Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award" was also given to Panasonic's Headquarters in Japan for its support of the Official Sign Language Certification Examination. The company has provided the examination centers with AV equipment such as video cameras and monitors as well as engineers and other employees to oversee smooth operation of the equipment since 1992.

The Asahi Shimbun Foundation, the foundation of one of Japan's leading newspapers, presented Panasonic Headquarters with the "Award for Employing the Disabled" in 1997 for its efforts in hiring people with disabilities and the "Grand Prize for Corporate Citizenship" in 1996 for the company's distinguished corporate citizenship activities.