Activities in Each Country

Panasonic is committed to an extensive number of citizenship activities around the world focusing on two key areas: the next generation, and the environment, in addition to providing assistance for disaster relief.
*The content of this page is information updated before September 2010. For latest information, please visit “Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News”.


Eco Bag Design Competition

Eco Bag Design Competition

Panasonic Group of companies located in Bracknell, Northampton, Ireland and London wish to congratulate 9 year old Emily, who was the winner of the eco bag design competition!

We asked employees' children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces to create an eco themed drawing to feature on one side of the bag.

Emily's entry was original. What made this entry stand out was Emily's attention to detail and her focus on many areas of ecology. You have the planet with a protecting line around it - our need to preserve our planet.
There are plants and animals within the drawing, these need preserving too.
There are rain clouds, this refers to our need to conserve energy and limit the damaging effects to the climate. Emily also has clean water flowing from the 'n' in Panasonic - everyone has the right to clean water throughout the world. The recycling message is also there and you know from our activities at Panasonic that this is important too.

The bags are 'Bags of Ethics', which means that they are an environmentally friendly product which was manufactured in a Fairtrade Accredited, Ethically Audited Carbon Neutral Factory.

We have also raised money from staff wishing to purchase additional bags.
We will send all the money to a children's charity called "The 2 SimpleTrust" that help children suffering from a rare condition called neuroblastoma.

TfT (Talent for Tomorrow) short-listed in the Charity Times Awards 2009 in UK

TfT (Talent for Tomorrow) is a very unique joint program between the People Development Team of Panasonic Europe and a Social Enterprise called 'Community Action Network'.
Any member of staff below the grade of Manger in Panasonics group of European companies can apply to become a participant of the "Talent for Tomorrow" programme.
Around 14 people are selected annually and during the 2 year programme, they participate in many training modules, work on "CSR Projects" in teams of 2 and complete a 3 month secondment to another country.

Social Enterprises have the enthusiasm and goodwill to contribute to society but sometimes do not have enough business knowledge or experience in how to promote their ideas.
The TfT participants assist by working on specifically agreed projects e.g. marketing, logistics, fund-raising and project management etc. In exchange the TfT participants can develop many different skills for example, how to define project plans, create marketing plans, management skills, teamwork and develop a network outside of Panasonic.

Kid Witness News

Implemented by Panasonic on a global scale, Kid Witness News is a hands-on video education program that lends video cameras, editing decks and other equipment to schools for the purpose of fostering creativity, communication skills as well as teamwork through video production. Ten schools from the UK are currently participating in the program. One of these schools, Eaton Bank School won the International Best Video at the US KWN 2006 New Vision Awards for their production called "The Right to Write" highlighting the lack of education for 125 million children over the world as well as the efforts of one nonprofit's founder to change this in Africa.

Science and Engineering Ambassador Program

As a part of the UK government-funded Science and Engineering Ambassador scheme, a Panasonic engineer in the UK leads a series of science days each year at local schools. The program, consisting of lectures on designing mobile phones and well as workshops in which students design their own cranes, is aimed at furthering children's interests in science and engineering.

Donating Reusable Materials

The company donates clean waste materials, such as cardboard boxes and plastic tubing, to local schools for reuse in art education activities. The company was recognized for these and other recycling activities at the annual Severnside Recycling Awards in 2004.

Race for Cancer

Panasonic employees in England participated in the Cancer Research UK Race for Life, the kingdom's largest women's only fundraising event for cancer research. Other staff members supported their teammates by making donations to support the event.