Activities in Each Country

Panasonic is committed to an extensive number of citizenship activities around the world focusing on two key areas: the next generation, and the environment, in addition to providing assistance for disaster relief.
*The content of this page is information updated before September 2010. For latest information, please visit “Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News”.


Panasonic Group takes part in joint tree-planting activity

Panasonic Group takes part in joint tree-planting activity

As part of their efforts to promote energy saving and reduce CO2 emissions, eight Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan hosted a tree-planting event on March 27 in partnership with the China Youth Corps public utility association and the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, in order to support the greenery activities of the Yingge Ceramic Park (photo).

Around 800 people took part in the event, which saw the planting of over 800 seedling trees -- including orange osmanthus and mountain cherry trees -- and contributed not only to local environmental conservation but also to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the prevention of global warming.