Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Through financial resources, matching programs, employee donations, employee volunteers and other resources, Panasonic makes great efforts to aid recovery efforts in communities devastated by natural and other disasters. Details of our recent support are as follows:

Past Support

Panasonic has provided support in response to the following major disasters:



Panasonic do Brasil Limitada donated 480 lanterns, 1.152 batteries, and BRL12.271,75 collected through an internal campaign to the Brazilian Red Cross to help the victims of widespread destruction caused by heavy rains in the state of Santa Catarina in November 2008.



Support Details

Guangdong Floods (China)

June 2005

Cash donations: 14,495 yuan

Nias Island Earthquake (Indonesia)

March 2005

Product donations: 2,016 flashlights with batteries and 500 radios with batteries totaling 54 million rupiahs

Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami (Southeast Asia)

December 2004

Cash donations: 42.1 million yen (US$405,000)
Product donations: 210,000 batteries, 26,500 flashlights, as well as 10,000 emergency food packages worth 17.1 million yen (US$164,000)
Employee donations: US$450,000 Other donations: drinking water

Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake (Japan)

November 2004

Cash donations : 33 million yen
Employee donations: radios

REINA (Real, Infanta and General Nakar) Area Floods (Philippines)

November 2004

Cash donations: 1 million Philippine pesos
Product donations: flashlights
Employee donations: food and clothing

Iran Earthquake

December 2003

Product donations: 9,000 flashlights and 120,000 batteries totaling US$47,000

SARS Prevention (China, Northeast Asia)

May 2003

Cash and Product donations: 69.4 million yen

Terrorist Attacks on US

September 2001

Cash donations: US$2.37 million
Product donations: helmets, flashlights, batteries, Toughbook PCs and vacuum cleaners totaling US$100,000
Employee donations: clothes, towels and other hygiene items

West India Earthquake

January 2001

Cash donations: 400,000 yen
Labor union and employee donations: 14.8 million yen

Hokkaido Usuzan Volcano Eruption (Japan)

March 2000

Product donations: disaster prevention communications systems totaling 37 million yen, flashlights and washing machines

Venezuela Floods

December 1999

Cash donations: 6 million yen
Product donations: 9,000 flashlights and 18,000 batteries totaling US$10,000

Taiwan Earthquake

September 1999

Cash, product, labor union and other donations totaling 71 million yen
Employee donations: 26 million yen

Hanshin Awaji Earthquake (Japan)

January 1995

Cash donations: 347 million yen

Southern China Floods

May-June 1994

Cash donations: 10 million yen

Los Angeles Earthquake

January 1994

Cash and Product donations: US$250,000

San Francisco Earthquake

October 1989

Cash donations: US$1 million
Production donations: flashlights and batteries