Award ceremonies for recipients of the Panasonic Scholarship Asia 2016 were held in seven countries, giving the scholarship to 97 students. The ceremonies began in Indonesia in July, and have been held in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. The award ceremonies were fully integrated into the countries, being attended by local government officials, university representatives, representatives of Japanese diplomatic and consular offices, and management executives of Panasonic Group companies, and the general manager of the CSR & Citizenship Department from Japan.
The Panasonic Scholarship Asia is a scholarship system that has been active since FY2014. Its forerunner, the Panasonic Scholarship, gave aid to Asian students learning in Japan, whereas the Panasonic Scholarship Asia gives aid to students studying in universities in their own countries. Regional headquarters and Panasonic sales companies in each country handle the operation of the scholarsh ip, inclusive of advertising for applicants and selection, while the CSR & Citizenship Department supports the overall running and scholarship funds. The system is now in its third year, and is increasingly rooted in the local community with a rising number of recipients.

Indonesia  2016/7/27 (The ceremony was held on July 27, the date of the founding of the Panasonic Gobel Group, and scholarships were newly awarded to 11 students.)
The Philippines  2016/8/9 (PMPC added funds from its budget to the initial plan to increase the number of new scholarship students to 25. In the Philippines, vocational trainees were also able to gain the scholarship as well as undergraduate students.)
Taiwan  2016/8/27 (Scholarships were newly awarded to 10 students. Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan created an overall CSR report for the first time this year. Report on the CSR report creation and scholarship student ceremony were combined in a press announcement that brought attention to the contributions that Panasonic is making to Taiwanese society.)
Malaysia  2016/9/2 (Three engineering students were newly awarded the scholarships from University Technology Malaysia, said to be the highest engineering educational institution in Malaysia. )
India  2016/9/11 (The scholarship was awarded to 30 Indian Institutes of Technology students nationwide. Executive Officer Manish Sharma and dignitaries of the Indian government attended the ceremony. Media exposure was used to full effect, with online events and messages on Twitter.)
Vietnam  2016/11/9  (Scholarships were newly awarded to eight students in Vietnam. To encourage active participation by students and increase knowledge of the scholarship system, the ceremony also included the final winning announcement for an idea contest for students to improve Panasonic products.)
Thailand  2016/11/21 (Scholarships were newly awarded to 10 top engineering students from all over Thailand. Two students selected for the scholarship last year are currently active as interns.)