FY2018 - FY2019​

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Harvesting vegetables and school lunch services have become possible through the use of a solar-powered water pump.

The village of Enkutoto, where Maasai live, has no access to electricity. Since October 2018, Panasonic has assisted the village by supplying electricity in partnership with World Vision Japan.

Based on the activity plan, the community has been supported to start farming on the school premises by using a solor-powered water pump, and that contributed to harvesting tomatoes.The community were able to make profits by selling the yield, and the school managed to start daily lunch services by using the profit. 

Activity results


Two photovoltaic and energy storage systems, One solar-powered water pump, 150 solar lanterns, Seven solar storage units


School:Cultivation and sale of agricultural products/Early morning/evening supplementary and literacy classes,Clinic:Chicken farming/Medical care services in the evening,Raising awareness of electricity use

(activity results)

Harvested tomatoes: About 2.8 t/Sales proceeds: About JPY200,000
Start of school lunch services,Provision of two-hour early morning/evening supplementary classes for children five days a week
First place in the standardized test conducted at eight neighborhood schools, Start of an evening literacy class for adults, Start of farming 500 chickens, Start of evening medical care services by using lighting, 27 cases in 2018 -> 83 cases in 2019, Increasing the number of vaccine doses by installing a refrigerator (2018: 199 bottles → 2019: 428 bottles)

Future activities to create more social impacts

From now on, we will develop maintenance technicians capable of examining equipment malfunctions, carrying out repairs as necessary, and analyzing the causes of the problems. If community residents acquire such skills, then they will be able to minimize repair charges paid to electrical contractors.

We will contribute to the sustainable development of communities by establishing an independent electrical equipment maintenance system for residents.

[Continued] Improvement of living standards through electrification:01 Continuation of school lunch services by growing vegetables and making a profit by selling them 02 Continuation of early morning/evening supplementary and literacy classes 03 Improvement in children's nutrition through full-fledged promotion of chicken farming and increase in income by selling eggs
[New] Development of technical personnel capable of maintaining electrical equipment:01 Select about ten village residents to participate in a training program on electricity in a neighborhood vocational school (for approx. six months).