FY2018 - FY2019​

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Contributed to increasing the rate of children's enrollment in advanced schools by utilizing lighting and electricity.

Since April 2018, Panasonic has operated a student dormitory and developed communities mainly in the Baingbin Senna Village of the Ayeyarwady Region with the cooperation of the Association for Rengein Tanjoji International Cooperation (ARTIC).

Toward the goal of making a social impact by achieving sustainable growth in communities, we designed activity processes mainly targeting children. Through the use of electricity supplied from photovoltaic and energy storage systems in the dormitory of the village-run school, students have now become able to study later in the evening. Our efforts yielded positive results including a contribution to increasing the rate of enrollment in advanced schools1 by about 15%.

Activity results


One photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system,About 100 solar storage units


Raising awareness of electricity use,Development of sound ethics,School:Study in the evening in the dormitory/Making and selling popsicles by utilizing a freezer,Households:Generating funds with the revenue from leasing solar storage units

(activity results)

Contribution to increasing the rate of enrollment in advanced schools1 by about 15% (17% (2017 before project launch) -> 25% (2018) -> 32% (2019)),Promotion from a quasi-high school2 to a high school
In line with the promotion,7 new teachers hired/Expansion of the school building with the revenue from leasing,School fuel cost reduction: About JPY34,000,Popsicle sales: About JPY24,000,Funds from the revenue from leasing solar storage units: About JPY600,000,Raising awareness of electricity use:Eco Learning Program: 160 fourth- and fifth-year students,Development of sound ethics:Two book report competitions using a book entitled ”An Untrapped Sunao Mind” written by the Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita,First: Targeted 3,000 students in 43 schools/Second: Targeted 4,000 students in 41 schools
  1. Pass rate of the graduation exam
  2. Schools with fewer teachers and inadequate facilities compared to high schools

Future activities to create more social impacts

In March 2020, we completed our projects in the Baingbin Senna Village of the Ayeyarwady Region, and shifted the focus of our activities to the Tauntolon Village in the same region. Toward the improvement of living standards by utilizing solar storage units, we will continue working with ARTIC and tackle challenges for contributing to the improvement of the educational environment and increasing income through the utilization of electricity.

Our activities will also focus on supporting the development of human resources in Myanmar. We will use a biography of Panasonic's founder Konosuke Matsushita as educational material and providing teachers in training as well as students with opportunities to learn new ways of achieving success.

[New] Improvement of living standards in another off-grid village with solar storage units/01 Improvement of living standards by utilizing lighting - Improve academic ability by enabling children to study later in the evening./- Increase household income by allowing residents to work at home in the evening./02 Improvement of school infrastructure with a solar storage leasing business/Generate funds through lease fees paid by 200 households (about JPY450,000/year).->- Build fences around the school to improve security./- Build a library and a day-care center to help develop the habit of reading and improve literacy.
[New] Support for activities to develop human resources in Myanmar/01 Hold a book report competition by using Konosuke Matsushita's biography.02 Hold lectures on Konosuke Matsushita's life for schools supported by an NGO.03 Use Konosuke Matsushita's biography in the Myanmar teacher training school.