Support for Learning

We believe that supporting learning is an important undertaking in which we must engage globally, based on the idea that it will be people who will create a sustainable society.
From the perspective of training global human resources and nurturing the talents and abilities required to live in the society of the future, Panasonic provides various programs worldwide that leverage our strengths and resources. Through these programs, we continue to help children and young people maximize their abilities and potential while in pursuit of their dreams and their futures.

Support for Learning About the Olympics and Paralympics

Photos of learning support for the Olympics and Paralympics

Panasonic agrees with the spirit of the Olympics-the goal of realizing world peace through sports-and has supported the tournament as an Olympic Worldwide Partner for over a quarter of a century.
Now, with the Olympic games set to be held in Japan, we took the opportunity to open an exhibition at Panasonic Center Tokyo where visitors can learn fundamental knowledge about the Olympics and the Paralympics, as well as the meaning of the games. Panasonic also developed a unique educational program on the Olympics and Paralympics, which it uses to provide educational materials to schools.
Through these activities, we hope to provide support to education that will make a brighter future and empower our lives.

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Kid Witness News (KWN)

Kid Witness News activity photos

KWN began in the US in 1989. Through this program, Panasonic provides photography equipment and production know-how to elementary and junior high schools and helps children produce videos in which they can express themselves freely. The program aims to use the production of videos based on themes such as the environment, communication, and sports to raise interest in problems society is facing, including environmental problems, and to nurture the children's creativity, communication skills, and teamwork.
As of March 2016, over 10,000 children from 19 countries and regions worldwide have participated in this project each year.
Since 2008, we have held an annual global contest to provide a place where children from all over the world can interact with each other and share their productions.

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Delivering Lessons and Educational Materials to Schools

Photograph of classroom of teaching materials useful in school

Panasonic employees visit schools and teach lessons that utilize the know-how and experience they have gained through their everyday work. Panasonic also provides educational materials that are useful at schools.

Features of Panasonic's Program
1.An original program that is linked to school curricula and teaching units
2.Experience-based lessons in which children can manipulate tools, parts, and products
3.Content through which children can feel connected to society and hear about the lives of working people

*Japanese only

Tohoku Reconstruction Support "Kitto Waraeru 2021"

Photos of children creating two video messages, “What to say now” and “Message to the future” (Message to us in 2021)

Panasonic began its video production support program "Kitto Waraeru 2021" (Smiling for Sure 2021) on September 13, 2011, for children who, even today, are still displaced due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The program applies the know-how of Panasonic's long-running video production support program Kid Witness News, and uses video production to try to bring back smiles and excitement to the children affected by the disaster. Through the program, children are encouraged to create two video messages, "Ima, Tsutaetai Koto" (What I Want to Say) and "Mirai-e no Message" (Messages for Us in 2021).

Hands-On Museum (Tokyo/Vietnam)

Hands-On Museum (Tokyo/Vietnam)
Photos of children experiencing in RiSuPia

Since the museum's founding in August 2006, approximately 400,000 visitors have come annually, and it holds a variety of events and highly specialized workshops every weekend.
The spirit of the museum has even touched the education industry, and more than 2,000 schools make use of the museum annually as a part of their standard itinerary, for both school trips from all over Japan to visiting Tokyo and field trips from schools in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.
Moreover, identical facilities were built in Hanoi, Vietnam in September 2010. The museum advances science and mathematics education abroad.

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Panasonic Kids' School

Photo of Panasonic Kids' School WEB page

Panasonic Kids' School is the general name of our next-generation programs, through which the children who will be the leaders of our future can discover possibilities for their dreams and futures. We help them do so by instilling the ability to learn and live on their own based on a foundation of self-motivated curiosity and interest. From the perspective of nurturing the talents and abilities and global human resources essential to living in the 21st Century, Panasonic provides programs for these young representatives of the next generation that leverage our strengths and resources as we continue to be involved in various activities worldwide.

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