Management System

Panasonic has established a set of Basic Rules for Response to Customers (compliant with ISO 10002 and JIS Q 10002) for responding appropriately groupwide to inquiries and complaints from customers. The CS Planning Office at the Panasonic Head Office oversees the implementation of these regulations, which apply to all work relating to customer relations in Japan by Panasonic or by affiliates that handle products bearing the Panasonic brand. In those business sites in Japan, the company has implemented a Management System for Response to Customers as a mechanism for utilizing information in management that is received from customers. These sites conduct periodic self-audits and make other efforts to improve the quality of customer relations.
Overseas, the company has implemented ISO-compliant management systems based on the Basic Rules for Response to Customers and tailored to the legal system in each country or region.


Fundamental Stance on Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Since its foundation, Panasonic's management philosophy has been to contribute to society through its products and services while always putting the customer first. Based on this philosophy, the company strives to improve customer satisfaction and offers products, solutions, and services that enrich the lives of people around the world.
When providing customer service, Panasonic strives for sincerity, accuracy, and speed, and acts with humility and appreciation. This finds its basis in the principle of "true service" that the company's founder described. The company's fundamental stance is thus to provide customers with trust, peace of mind, and satisfaction.

The Fundamental Concept of Customer Satisfaction (The Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction)

The only way for those of us engaged in business to earn trust is to have everyone, regardless of whether they are working in the manufacturing division or the sales division, cater completely to the demands of the customers on all points and work strictly under the basic rule of producing or selling not even one product that cannot perform its function well.
Perfection can be reached only by paying careful attention not only to the manufacturing details but also to where our products are going and making efforts to completely satisfy the customers and provide flawless service.

Konosuke Matsushita
August 1940 statement calling for a quality products campaign
(From Matsushita Electric's 50-Year History)

Service Philosophy (True Service)

The customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction.
True service resides in mutual satisfaction.

Service is an integral part of any business. A business that does not provide service is no business at all. Service, therefore, is the duty and obligation of any business person. But there's nothing more aggravating than service provided only out of a sense of duty. Customers can sense it.
Service means satisfying customers, and when we satisfy our customers, we in turn find satisfaction in a job well done.
Satisfied customers and satisfied employees: This is what constitutes true service.

Konosuke Matsushita
August 1967 issue of PHP Magazine

Responsible Executive and Framework

The executive officer in charge of CS is Managing Executive Officer Yukio Nakashima (as of August, 2019).
The CS Planning Office at the Panasonic Head Office and the CS departments at each of the five Panasonic Companies (Appliances, Life Solutions, Connected Solutions, Automotive and Industrial Solutions) cooperate to implement Panasonic's customer satisfaction initiatives. Overseas, the CS departments of Panasonic's sales companies around the world collect local information concerning services and quality, as well as customer requests and so forth. This information is used to ensure the quality and safety of products and to help develop products that match the needs of customers in each department.
CS staff in Japan and abroad share the knowledge and experience that they have accumulated to endeavor to provide better customer service around the world.

Customer Relations Structure

Customer Relations Structure

Customer Inquiry Response System

In Japan, Panasonic deals with inquiries from customers before they purchase products as well as with their concerns about how to use them after purchase through the Customer Care Center. The Customer Care Center is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, 365 days per year. There are separate phone numbers for each product. Customers rarely spend a long time on hold; the Customer Care Center is organized to provide accurate and rapid service.
When customers make inquiries on the Panasonic website by typing in a question, the site displays multiple relevant FAQs. Thus, the company strives to provide quick responses to questions.
Regarding the content of its FAQ pages, the company analyzes the search keywords that bring customers to FAQs, as well as the number of times that the questions are viewed, to increase the precision of the FAQs, so that the information that customers require is accurate and displayed quickly.
In recent years, the company has also been undertaking initiatives to use Facebook and other social media outlets to post various types of useful information in a timely manner, such as when the seasons change, and to entice customers to visit relevant FAQ pages using LINE’s autoreply service.
Because these FAQs are organized so that customer's problems can be solved without the customer needing to contact the Customer Care Center, the number of inquiries at the center is trending downward.
Panasonic operates call centers in each country/region outside of Japan as well, handling all types of inquiries as well as intake for repairs.
The website for each country also includes FAQs, and we are working on building ways to allow customers to resolve their own issues as they are able to in Japan.

Number of Inquiries at the Customer Care Center (for Individual Customers) Over Time

Number of Inquiries at the Customer Care Center (for Individual Customers) Over Time, FY 2011:4.02 Million, FY 2012:4.24 Million, FY 2013:3.77 Million, FY 2014:3.55 Million, FY 2015:3.31 Million, FY 2016:3.16 Million, FY 2017:2.85 Million, FY 2018:2.72 Million, FY 2019:2.50 Million

Repair Service Organization

The CS Company (repairs and spare parts department) of Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd. is in charge of repair services for consumer electronics products in Japan. Panasonic LS Techno Service Co., Ltd. is in charge of housing facility products.
These service companies constitute a network across Japan and employ full-time customer engineers who have close ties to their local regions as well as advanced technical skills and experience. The network provides swift and reliable at-home repair services in response to customer requests. The repair services system is organized such that repair requests are received 24 hours per day, 365 days per year; Panasonic makes particular efforts to provide repair services as quickly as possible for products that are everyday necessities.

Number of Service Locations of the CS Company, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd. and affiliates: 105 locations throughout Japan (as of April 2019)

Number of Service Locations of Panasonic LS Techno Service Co., Ltd.: 45 locations (as of April 2019)

Initiatives for Improving Repair Service Windows

With the goal of making it more convenient for customers requesting repairs, Panasonic has made arrangements for receiving requests via websites and for courier services to pick up customers’ products before repair and to deliver the repaired products when they are ready.
Customers can get a diagnosis from our website before applying for repairs, allowing them to confidently use our online repair service. To receive a diagnosis, customers enter their product numbers and select the appropriate symptoms, and the system provides useful troubleshooting approaches to solving their problems. If the system deems repairs to be necessary or is unable to resolve their problems, customers can review the estimated costs for repairs and apply for them.


Panasonic has also established repair service windows at its Repair Factory in Tokyo's Akihabara, with same-day service for Let's Note notebook PCs and repair consultation/service for its LUMIX digital cameras. It has also established a comprehensive consultation system for digital cameras through the LUMIX Concierge Service—which offers consultation, repair, and cleaning services—at the new LUMIX GINZA TOKYO.
These efforts demonstrate that Panasonic is working to provide service offerings that mesh with customer lifestyles and life stages, including one-stop service.

Global Repair Service Centers

Repair services outside Japan are handled by Panasonic sales companies, service centers operated by dealers, and certified service providers. Panasonic aims to provide services that will satisfy its customers in all the countries and regions where our products are available, and to that end, we tailor services to the needs of customers in each specific area. In some countries we are able to offer not only on-site repair services but also door-to-door handling for the returns of our products for the convenience of our customers.

Number of Repair Service Centers (FY2019)


Number of Repair Service Centers



North America


Latin America


Europe & CIS


Southeast Asia & Pacific


India, South Asia, Middle East & Africa


China & Northeast Asia


*Japan: CS Company, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd. and affiliates,
Panasonic LS Techno Service Co., Ltd.

CS System for Enterprise Business

Housing Facilities-Related Products

Through its corporate customer-oriented support window for energy-related products—which include lighting fixtures, information systems, electrical facility materials, housing facilities and materials, and solar power generators / power storage facilities—Panasonic has created a rapid system that can respond to its corporate customers (partners) with problems regarding construction, installation, and configuration.

Commercial Equipment

In the area of commercial equipment—which includes video, security, information communications, automotive, and commercial air conditioning equipment—Panasonic's sales companies in each field provide unified support at every stage, from proposals for devices and systems to their design, construction, customer inquiries, and repair services. By providing total solutions that meet its customers' needs, Panasonic strives to improve its CS.

Commercial Solutions

Panasonic Group sales companies that are in charge of commercial solutions, as well as Panasonic sales partners, understand the diverse needs of individual customers and provide total solutions that include everything from system implementation to sales, construction, maintenance, repairs, operations services, and cloud services. These solutions support customers in the implementation of their product strategies and the improvement of their operations.

Through its CS-related activities, the Company uses its points of contact with its customers—including support desks, repair services, and maintenance—to build trusting relationships. Panasonic has created a responsive system that provides quick, continuous support to its customers when they experience difficulties.

Automotive Equipment

Concerning automotive equipment, the Panasonic group sales company (Panasonic Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.) cooperates with dealerships to provide after-service for Panasonic-produced car navigation, audio, and other equipment in an effort to improve CS.
Panasonic is also building organizations and systems that allow early detection and early resolution of nonconforming products to provide rapid and thorough services to meet the needs of car manufacturers in the provision of genuine onboard equipment.

Management Indicators

Panasonic has established common global management items whose goal is to deliver higher levels of service quality by setting targets. It periodically measures its success at achieving those targets and strives to make improvements based on the results. The company is also engaged in creating new standards and indicators with the aim of optimizing service costs.

Activities for Improving Customer Satisfaction in B2B Systems Solutions Business

Periodically, Panasonic surveys customer satisfaction in its solutions business, from sales proposals to maintenance and service, to check for gaps between customers' expectations and their evaluations of Panasonic, and the company reviews those results as part of its efforts to connect with its customers. Based on analyses of the survey results, the company follows a cycle of improvement, as follows: Draft plans for improvement initiatives → Execute these initiatives → Verify progress → Survey (evaluate) customer satisfaction. The company works to improve customer satisfaction by implementing improvements to products, system solutions and services by making the most of the results of the survey, in cooperation with manufacturing divisions such as product planning, design, engineering, and quality, and customer support divisions such as marketing, sales, construction, and maintenance services.