Two Organizations Awarded for Consumer-Oriented Activities

On February 15, 2019, at the 2019 Consumer-Oriented Management Seminar—jointly sponsored by the Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals (ACAP*1), KEIDANREN, and the Consumer Affairs Agency—Panasonic received the fourth ACAP Consumer-Oriented Activities Award*2 for two of its initiatives:

  • Consumer education on the topics of educational safety, security, comfort, and environments for consumers (CS Department, Eco Solutions Company (now, Life Solutions Company), Panasonic Corporation)
  • Environmental education practices and rousing consumer interest in the Home Appliance Recycling Act to promote a sustainable society
    (Panasonic Eco Technology Center).

These awards honor the praiseworthy activities of corporations, organizations, and individuals, from the perspectives of consumer-oriented management promotion and support. Two of our initiatives have previously won this award at the second ACAP Consumer-Oriented Activities Award, making Panasonic the company with the most commendations from this organization.

*1 ACAP: The Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals is a Public Interest Incorporated Association, as recognized by the Prime Minister, that has as its members managers from the consumer affairs departments of corporations and trade associations.
It aims to build trust with consumers and makes various efforts in its mission to realize consumer-oriented management.

*2 The Consumer-Oriented Activities Awards: Established in FY2015, this awards program is the ACAP's way of commending the activities of corporations, organizations, and individuals that merit praise for their consumer-oriented management.

The Eco Solutions Company (now, Life Solutions Company) also received recognition for its initiatives, winning a merit award at METI's Ninth Career Education Awards. This award recognizes corporate activities in the field of career education, which gives children and young people a look at the relationship between school education and working society.

Life Solutions Company
Panasonic Eco Technology Center