LED Lights That Create a Starlit Sky in Bisei Town

Introducing light pollution prevention LED lighting instruments that have acquired an IDA certificate for the first time in Japan

In January 2020, light pollution prevention security lights and street lights developed by Panasonic were certified by the International Dark-Sky Association as "lights friendly to a starlit sky" for the first time in Japan. In Bisei Town, Ibara City, Okayama prefecture, lighting instruments installed for security purposes have been replaced with these lights to launch various regional promotion activities with beautiful sky scenery featured as a major tourist attraction.


Bisei Town, a Good Place for Astronomical Observation, Enacts Japan's First Ordinance to Prevent Light Pollution

In 1988, the then Environment Agency selected Bisei Town, Okayama Prefecture, as one of the "towns with a starry sky." In 1989, Bisei became the first town in Japan to enact an ordinance to prevent light pollution.

Image: Before upgrading to IDA-certified LED lighting fixtures

Bisei Town Tourist Association aims to be certified as IDA's "Starry Sky Protection Zone ®"

In March 2019, the Bisei Town Tourism Association, in cooperation with Ihara City, decided to obtain the certification of "Starry Sky Reserve? accreditation system" in honor of IDA's outstanding efforts to protect and preserve the dark and beautiful night sky without the influence of light pollution. We needed an outdoor lighting fixture that met those standards.

Image: ©Bisei Observatory

Development of Japan's First IDA Certified LED Lighting Fixture

In March 2019, the then Ihara City Charm Transmission Division visited Panasonic to discuss efforts by the Bisei Town Tourism Association. Panasonic agreed with the purpose and promised to cooperate. In January 2020, we became the first Japanese manufacturer to obtain IDA certification for our LED security lights and road lights.


IDA-Certified LED lighting equipment that meets strict standards

IDA's standards for outdoor lighting in the "Starry Sky Protection Zone ®" require that there be no upward light leakage that obscures the starry sky, and that the color temperature be 3,000 K or less, which produces a light bulb with less blue light. In response to a request from the Bisei Tourist Association and Ihara City, Panasonic has developed an LED lighting fixture that satisfies IDA standards while simultaneously ensuring the safety and security of residents. In January 2020, 2 models of security lights and road lights were certified. The Bisei Tourism Association raised a part of the funds to replace existing security lights with IDA-certified LED lighting fixtures, and received a lot of support. In the future, with the aim of being certified as a "Starry Sky Protection Zone ®" through successive exchanges, we are developing regional development measures that take advantage of the beautiful starry sky environment.

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