Environment Digital Platform

Sharing know-how beyond corporate borders to co-create new value

Our tie-up with KONICA MINOLTA, INC. led to the creation of the "Environment Digital Platform" in June 2020, in which 15 other businesses joined us. The member companies share and accumulate their environmental know-how to provide solutions to problems that cannot be handled by a single company.


Environmental solution co-creation service

(1) Solve member companies' problems with environmental management by implementing management maturity diagnoses, listening to their problems, and referring to our collection of essential knowledge for environmental management.
(2) Cooperate with other member companies to find solutions to issues that cannot be handled by a single company → provide the solutions on the digital platform as an environmental solution.

Service for providing environmental solutions

(1) Provide the technical know-how of member companies on the platform.
(2) Match needs and seed materials/technologies to assist in creating a menu of environmental solutions.


Solving problems with environmental management through the use of digital technology

The Environment Digital Platform not only offers a function for searching the management know-how of member companies, but also an "environmental management maturity diagnosis" function through which the level of environmental activities can be determined. In this manner, the platform provides tools and know-how to be applied to different levels of environmental activities, and assists in improving them.