Promoting Regional Environmental Sustainability Management

In the Panasonic Group, each Regional Headquarters, sales company, manufacturing company, etc. plans and implements its own environmental sustainability activities in line with their own local environment issues and business characteristics, based on the annual environmental management policy set by the Group. The scope of the plan is not limited to reducing environmental impact, complying with environmental legislation, or preventing environmental risks, but extends to a variety of matters including resolving environmental issues through business activities in collaboration with local business partners and promoting social contribution activities in coordination with local communities. We are globally working to build a more sustainable society.

Southeast Asia & Oceania

Panasonic Vietnam (PV) received the National Environment Award 2017

PV received the National Environment Award 2017 from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) in June, 2017. This award is presented every 2 years to recognize organizations and individuals for their contributions in the sustainable development of Vietnam. PV is one of the 2 foreign investment companies who received the award this year. This is the second time in 10 years that PV has been awarded for its contributions in the areas of environmental education for the young generation, environmental protection community activities and production of eco-friendly products.

Award Ceremony

Panasonic Supplies HIT(TM) Solar Cell Modules to Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City in Indonesia

Panasonic Corporation has supplied its HIT(TM) solar cell modules for installation on the rooftop of Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City due to open in Jakarta, Indonesia on September, 2017. Because our proprietary technology provides high module conversion efficiency and excellent temperature characteristics, our solar cell module has been adopted. A total of 1,560 Panasonic HIT solar cell modules were installed. The rooftop solar panels have a combined output of 507kW, providing power for lighting in the mall. This is the largest in scale in Indonesia for a rooftop-installed solar power system. In addition to these solar power systems, the Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City also featured Panasonic's other energy-efficient and leading-edge products including LED lighting, digital signage systems and security cameras, among others. Through its B2B solutions businesses, Panasonic will continue to support Indonesia's efforts to overcome the challenges in energy, infrastructure, transportation, and food safety.

The rooftop installation of HIT(TM) on Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City

Eco Learning Program at Bagan

Panasonic Asia Pacific (Myanmar Branch), in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), organized the Eco Learning Program for more than 100 teachers, students and parents at a high school in Bagan in November, 2017. During the session, participants learnt about the causes and effects of climate change, as well as energy creation and storage technologies through the classroom lesson and solar lamp kits which were given to the participants. This activity is part of a two-year partnership with UNESCO and Myanmar Ministry of Education on the Strengthening Schools for Education for Sustainable Development Project, which aims to empower local educators and students with the necessary knowledge and tools to advocate for sustainable development.

The activity of Eco Learning Program

Reforestation for Natural Classroom in Thailand

Panasonic Thailand Environment Functional Group in collaboration with the Foundation of Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (FEED) organized the "Reforestation for Natural Classroom" a tree planting activity at Eco Eyes Village in the Khao Phra Sub-District at Nakornnayok in June, 2017. A total of 400 volunteers, including Panasonic employees and their families, Panasonic Future Gear Scholars, government officers from Khao Phra Sub-District Administration Officers (SAO), representatives from FEED, teachers and students from schools in the local community participated to plant 2,000 trees of 59 species. The main objective of this activity is to raise environmental awareness among employees and their families and also strengthen relationship with NGO (FEED) and government (SAO).The Eco Eyes Village after the reforestation efforts will be developed as a natural learning center for the younger generation and locals to learn more about the environment, biodiversity and ecosystem.

The activity of Reforestation for Natural Classroom


Panasonic Factory in Dalian, China, Begins Mass Production and Shipment of Automotive Lithium-ion Batteries

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Company has begun mass production and shipment of prismatic-type automotive lithium-ion batteries at its factory in Dalian, China, in March 2018.
With the growing environmental awareness in recent years, the market for eco-conscious vehicles such as hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles is expanding year by year. In response to the market demand, Panasonic has geared up to start production at the factory, which is its first production site for prismatic-type automotive lithium-ion batteries in China.
Among automotive lithium-ion batteries that are expected to expand its demand, Panasonic manufactures the high-capacity and high-safety prismatic-type batteries at this factory and ships them to the North American and Chinese markets. Panasonic will expand its supply destinations and further contribute to spread eco-conscious vehicles.

Factory for prismatic-type automotive lithium-ion batteries in Dalian, China

CSR Report Highly Evaluated and Ranks Top in Social Responsibility among Japanese Companies for Five Consecutive Years

Panasonic Corporation of China (PCN) has been publishing the China Panasonic Corporate Social Responsibility Report since 2013, aiming to win the understanding from Chinese society and stakeholders through CSR- and environment-related activities conducted in the Panasonic Group in China, as well as to improve PCN's corporate reliability.
The FY2017 edition published in June 2017 won the top score of five stars once again this year from the Chinese Expert Committee on CSR Report Rating.
In November the same year, the Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Paper (2017) was announced at the leading-edge CSR forum for Chinese businesses, which is organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the country's foremost academic institution in CSR research. In the Blue Paper, Panasonic ranked 23th among all the listed companies and ranked top among Japanese companies for the five consecutive years. The ranking is based on overall assessment including reporting information on CSR reports, annual reports, and official corporate websites, as well as history of receiving CSR-related awards and reports in the media.

China Panasonic Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016-2017

Environmental Education for Children in China

Panasonic Group's business sites across China have been providing environmental education in various cities in order for children to learn the importance of environmental protection.
For instance, Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd. (PESESGD) has held an essay contest on environmental protection for children in Shunde from April to June 2017. More than 620 essays were submitted. The children deepened their understanding of environmental protection through writing essays. PESESGD has also held a painting and photography contest on environment in collaboration with its government from August to October 2017. Two hundred forty five paintings and 197 photographs were submitted by children from 40 schools. The children who live in the next generation grew their awareness of environment through the participation.

Award ceremony


Japanese-style Garden Created in the Vicinity of Taiwan's National Palace Museum Southern Branch

As part of Panasonic's 100th anniversary activities, Panasonic Group in Taiwan developed the surrounding area of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, created a Japanese-style garden and donated it to the Chiayi Country Government. A mirror pond, another pond with a floating island, and a Japanese rock garden (Zen garden), all of them are rarely seen in Taiwan, were created and the Panasonic's 100th anniversary monument to describe this event was also built in the garden with nine different trees and flowers.
In Taiwan Panasonic Group, by taking this 100th anniversary, all employees are working to provide comprehensive solutions that features ecology and energy saving, comfortability and convenience, as well as safety and security, to meet specific needs and tackle with social challenges in Taiwan.

Monument unveiling ceremony

CSR Report Published Based on International Standards

In June 2018, Panasonic Group in Taiwan published the Taiwan Panasonic Group Sustainability Report 2017 to introduce its CSR- and environment-related activities in the region. The Report has been published three consecutive years since 2016 and the Group is the first Japanese home appliance manufacturer in Taiwan to publish such reports based on international standards (Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines: GRI G4). The Report shows the Group's CSR related activities including environmental activities, which 10 Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan are working on to continuously contribute to the community.
The Group is further contributing to the society through keeping favorable relationship with various stakeholders and improving and advancing activities by publishing its CSR performances.

Taiwan Panasonic Group Sustainability Report 2017

Ten Panasonic Group Companies Jointly Hold Eco-Relay Beach Cleaning and Tree Planting Activities

Ten Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan conducted a beach cleaning activity in New Taipei City in November 2017. A total of 421 employees and their family members participated in the activity. Additionally, in March 2018, 371 participants consisted of employees and their family members of seven Group companies carried out a tree planting activity in a park in the City. Panasonic Group in Taiwan will continue to these community-based environmental activities in order to raise its employees' awareness on environment and protect the global environment.

Tree planting activity
Beach cleaning activity


Panasonic Awarded with EcoVadis Gold Rating for the Third Consecutive Year

EcoVadis offers a collaborative platform that enables business enterprises to monitor the sustainability performance of their business partners and suppliers. Its rating system is based on the analysis and assessment of each business enterprise by the four categories of "environment", "labor practices and human rights," "fair business," and "sustainable procurement". As a supplier for mainly B2B customers, Panasonic has earned top rating once again this year, and has been awarded the.the top Gold Rating in overall evaluation, given to the top 5% of the companies covered.

EcoVadis Gold rating logo

Panasonic will start global business development of non-fluorocarbon refrigerators using CO2 refrigerant from Europe

In September 2010, for the first time in the Japanese market, Panasonic introduced a refrigerator system for showcases used in supermarkets that adopt CO2 as a natural refrigerant. Now, using Panasonic’s proprietary technology trusted in Japan for a long time, we realized a non-fluorocarbon refrigerator with a high COP using CO2 as a refrigerant, and sales to Europe of refrigerators suitable for small stores started in May 2017. Compared to the use of HFC as a refrigerant, this product uses 30% less electricity. Panasonic will continue to promote the global business development of non-fluorocarbon refrigerators using CO2 as a refrigerant from the European market. By making full use of this environmentally friendly technology, Panasonic will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and thereby help to prevent global warming.

non-fluorocarbon refrigerators using CO2 refrigerant(OCU-CR200VF5/OCU-CR200VF5SL)

North America


Panasonic Eco Solutions North America received the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Award for Excellence in Product Design on April 2018. Panasonic’s accomplishments was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on April 2018.Panasonic Eco Solutions, an ENERGY STAR partner since 2010, was given the award for its outstanding efforts to improve the availability of energy-efficient indoor air quality solutions in the marketplace. Excellence in Product Design is awarded to companies that demonstrate leadership in the design and manufacturing of ENERGY STAR certified products.

Winning of 2018 ENERGY STAR® Award for Excellence in Product Design

Panasonic Eco Solutions Company Receives 2017 Eco-Leaders Award

Green Builder Media has awarded Panasonic Eco Solutions North America (PESNA) with its 2017 Eco-Leaders award for its sustainability efforts focused on reducing energy use, developing ventilation product guidelines, and creating healthier indoor air environments. The award focused on companies that have developed advanced products, enabling technologies, and innovative manufacturing processes that reduce environmental footprints, improve people's lives, and enhance profitability. PESNA received the award on January 2018, at Green Builder Media's Sustainability Symposium.

Peña Station NEXT Wins Environmental Leader Honors

Panasonic's Peña Station NEXT project in Denver, Colorado, was recognized for "environmental excellence" with a 2017 Environmental Leader Award. The development has its own renewable energy micro-grid, whose stakeholders include Panasonic, Denver International Airport, utility Xcel Energy, and land developer LC Fulenwider, which not only makes the project unique but gives it the ability to achieve greater impact than a single-owner micro-grid. The micro-grid includes a solar photovoltaic installation over the airport parking lot, rooftop solar on Panasonic's facility and a lithium-ion battery system.

Solar panel carport at Peña Station NEXT Denver, CO

Panasonic Highlights 100th Anniversary, Future Vision at CES 2018

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Panasonic's founding. In CES held in Las Vegas in January 2018, we focused on visual content to introduce the company's future vision that will pave the way to the next 100 years. The booth was divided into four zones-Immersive Entertainment, Connected World, Sustainable Energy, and Integrated Supply Chain-to highlight how Panasonic's proprietary technologies are helping make daily life a better experience and reflect solution categories within the repositioning of the Panasonic brand in the North American region. Sustainable Energy zone showcased Panasonic's collaborations in lithium ion batteries and solar panels with partners striving to use sustainable energy sources. On display were examples from U.S. partner Tesla and Gogoro of Taiwan. And Panasonic Environment Vision 2050 is exhibited at other zone.

Panasonic booth

Latin America

PLAT developed the biggest project with HIT solar panels in Latin America

Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) established the biggest HIT solar system project in Latin America and the largest one in Costa Rica, which deliver 5MW and consists in 15,456 HIT panels.
It is located in Juanilama, in Belen de Carrillo, Santa Cruz, in the northern Pacific province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The project is for the energy distribution of the Company Coopeguanacaste, R.L. and started working on November, 2017.
This project was implemented through a bilateral agreement between the government of Japan and Costa Rica, called "Joint Crediting Mechanism" (JCM), which promotes the fight against climate change by applying clean technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It can generate 9 GWH of energy per year, also may archive a reduction of about 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year, which is the equivalent of planting 5,350 trees.

Project in Costa Rica

Hybrid Car Workshop were held to increase Environmental conscious at Panamanian and Chilean School

Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) was invited to be part of the Science Week at Panamerican School, located in Panama City on August, 2017. PLAT took this opportunity to hold the Hybrid Car workshop, one of the Panasonic Kids School Program. The workshop was conducted with Eco Learning Program (ELP): "Energy Creation and Storage to Change Our Future" and 110 kids participated.
The same activity was held for the first time in Panasonic Chile (PCL) on September 2017, in Pudahuel, the north west of Santiago, Chile. Sixty-five children from Manquecura School in Ciudad de los Valles, a school that stressed the importance of environmental education, participated in the event.
The purpose was to encourage children to take care of the environment through friendly practices, such as the use of solar technology as a new source of energy, which minimizes the environmental impact by reducing the use of limited natural resources.

Workshop in Panama
Workshop in Chile

Tree Planting by Employees and Children

In Chile, 36 Panasonic Chile Ltda. (PCL) employees planted 46 trees in the Curacavi district near Santiago in central Chile on June, 2017. PCL has been planting trees since 2008.
In Brazil, in commemoration of its 50th anniversary of foundation in 2017, the Manaus site of Panasonic do Brasil Limitada is implementing a program to plant 1,000 seedlings of trees from the Amazon region over one year from September 2017 to August 2018. As of April 2018, 914 employees had participated in 15 planting sessions. This program consists not only of tree planting activities, but also of environmental education for children, hoping to eventually involve 1,000 participants.

Participants in tree planting in Brazil

India, South Asia, Middle East & Africa

India's Leading Electronics Exhibition ELECRAMA 2018 Held

Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. and the Energy Systems Division of Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd. (PI-ESD) both exhibited at ELECRAMA 2018, India's leading electronics exhibition, held at the India Expo Mart in a suburb of Delhi on March, 2018.
Anchor's booth at the exhibition focused on the concepts of Comfort, Safety, and Energy. Sample exhibits for realizing comfortable housing included wiring instruments (Anchor's primary products) and LED lights, as well as home automation systems and energy management equipment.
PI-ESD's main theme was solutions using lithium-ion storage batteries, with demonstration displays of communications base stations, data center backup systems, and micro grid systems.

Panasonic Booth at the Exhibition