Promoting Regional Environmental Sustainability Management

In the Panasonic Group, each Regional Headquarters, sales company, manufacturing company, etc. plans and implements its own environmental sustainability activities in line with their own local environment issues and business characteristics, based on the annual environmental management policy set by the Group. The scope of the plan is not limited to reducing environmental impact, complying with environmental legislation, or preventing environmental risks, but extends to a variety of matters including resolving environmental issues through business activities in collaboration with local business partners and promoting social contribution activities in coordination with local communities. We are globally working to build a more sustainable society.

Southeast Asia & Oceania

Review of Strategic Partnership with Vietnam Environment Administration on Environmental Protection

In December 2015, Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd. (PV) signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for joint collaboration in organizing and promoting various environmental activities to contribute to the sustainable development of the country. In January 2017, PV and VEA held a review session to assess the results of the partnership after one year’s implementation.

In 2016, various activities were held under the partnership, which includes tree planting, Eco Learning Program for schools, and battery exchange programs. In the tree planting activity, 20,000 trees were planted by 342 participants, contributing to an annual reduction of 436 tons of CO2 emissions. The Eco Learning Program has outreached to 800 junior high school students in the suburban and rural areas on topics such as climate change, eco technology and recycling through 5 sessions. The use of environmentally friendly products was also promoted through the battery exchange campaigns where 12,500 batteries containing no added lead, mercury and cadmium were exchanged.

PV will continue to collaborate with VEA to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Scene from the review session

Collaboration with Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction and International Finance Cooperation to host the Green Building Workshop.

Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd. (PV) collaborated with the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction and the International Finance Cooperation to hold the workshop on technologies, solutions, and financial support mechanisms for energy efficiency and green buildings in Vietnam. PV inaugurated the one-stop solution concept to help developers to meet green building requirements, including more energy efficient construction methods, and to support the sustainable development of the country. Ministry officials expressed the importance of energy efficiency in construction industry under the country’s energy policy and also their expectations toward Panasonic. PV commits to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam through its business activities.

HOME.2.COM Solution Center Launched in Malaysia

In March 2017, Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. launched HOME.2.COM Solution Center in Kuala Lumpur. It is first of its kind Panasonic showroom in the ASEAN region to serve as a platform to provide references to B2B segments and showcase various environmental technologies suitable for the applications in the Home, Town, and Commercial areas. A wide spectrum of business activities will be planned to serve as proof of concept for what Panasonic can offer to contribute to the country’s environmental efforts, including indoor air quality (IAQ), LED lighting, and energy solutions, from private homes to entire communities.

Showroom entrance

Panasonic Wins the Outstanding Energy Manager of the Year in Singapore

Since 2011, the National Environment Agency, the Energy Market Authority , and the Economic Development Board of Singapore have been giving out the Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Awards each year to recognize outstanding programs, schemes, and promoters of energy conservation promotion measures for industries in the country. In 2016, Mr. Mohamed Shahril Bin Jaffar, the manager in charge of plant engineering, environment, health, and safety of Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore (PAPRDSG), was named Outstanding Energy Manager of the Year and presented with the award by Singapore's Minister of the Environment and Water Resources in October. At PAPRDSG, Mr. Shahril promotes the introduction of photovoltaic power generation and energy efficiency improvement of factory facilities with minimal investment. These projects have become good case studies in factory environmental management in Panasonic Group. Such energy saving efforts will be implemented not only in Singapore but also in our factories across the Southeast Asia and Oceania region.

Award presentation by the Singapore’s Minister of Environment and Water Resources


Environmental Education for Children

Environmental education for children is being conducted in various cities by Panasonic Group sites across China to teach the importance of environmental protection.

In May 2016, Panasonic Industrial Devices (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Automotive Systems Development Tianjin Co., Ltd. invited 33 children from the youth welfare organization Miao Miao Volunteers to their environmental education program. In addition to a presentation on our management philosophy and activities in environmental protection, the children learned about eco-conscious energy resources through a workshop on making batteries and hybrid cars.

In June, Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. invited some 150 children from Suzhou Foreign Language School to its environmental program. Through the program, the children learned the importance of environmental issues, such as air pollution caused by PM 2.5 that have become a serious problem in China.

Environmental education program in Tianjin
Environmental education program in Suzhou

Total Solution Proposed in CHINASHOP 2016 Exhibition

In November 2016, Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co. Ltd. (PAPCCDL) participated in CHINASHOP 2016 held in Suzhou. With approx. 600 retail-related Chinese companies participating in one of the industry’s largest exhibitions on commercial facilities and equipment, PAPCCDL set up its booth under the theme of "establishing an eco-conscious store" and "intelligent store." Focusing chiefly on refrigeration appliances such as food and beverage display cases for supermarkets and convenience stores, the company offered a wide range of its products and B2B total solutions. As for environment-related technologies, the Energy Management System (EMS) which controls equipment in the entire store to manage and save energy was presented at the forefront of the booth, and demonstrations on operation monitoring etc. were held.

Panasonic Booth at the Exhibition

CSR Report Highly Evaluated and Ranks Top in Social Responsibility among Japanese Companies for Four Consecutive Years

Since 2013, Panasonic Corporation of China (PCN) has been publishing the China Panasonic Corporate Social Responsibility Report to present the CSR and environmental activities of the Panasonic Group in China, in order to win the understanding of Chinese society and stakeholders and to build social trust for the company. The FY2016 edition published in June 2016 won the top score of five stars once again this year from the Chinese Expert Committee on CSR Report Rating. In November the same year, the Corporate Social Responsibility Blue Paper (2016) was announced at the leading-edge CSR forum for Chinese businesses, organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the country's foremost academic institution in CSR research. In the Blue Paper, Panasonic ranked 25th. Among Japanese companies, it ranked top for the fourth consecutive year. The ranking is based on an overall assessment of each company, including publication of CSR reports and annual reports, disclosure of information on official corporate websites, as well as developments in CSR-related awards, reporting in the media, etc.

China Panasonic Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015


Three Awards in the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Award 2016

In June 2016, Panasonic Marketing Sales Taiwan Co., Ltd. (PMST) won the Platinum Award, the top prize in the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award, in the three categories of refrigerators, washing machines, and the newly added category of microwave and other ovens. This award started in 1999 and is regarded one of the most trustworthy in brand evaluation in Taiwan, and selects the most trusted brands of the year in 54 product categories.

Last year, PMST became the first company to win the Platinum Award in 2 categories at the same time, but this year it surpassed the record by winning 3 categories. In addition, Panasonic won the Gold Award, which ranks second to Platinum, in six categories including TV sets, air conditioners, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers, marking an all-time high in the number of awards in the industry.

The recognition was bestowed for the outstanding energy-saving performance realized with ECONAVI functionality and for nanoe and other products committed to improvement of air quality.

Commemorative plaque presented by Mr. Edward Chow (Left), president of National Chengchi University
Award-winning products

Panasonic Lifestyle Eco Design Contest

The final judgement and award ceremony for the second Lifestyle Eco Design Contest took place in Tainan City in December 2016. The competition is organized jointly by the industrial, governmental, academic, and research sectors of Taiwan, namely, Tainan City, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, Tainan Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, and Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd. to encourage students in various fields of study to propose ideas and products to be utilized in everyday living, and ultimately to contribute to the future of the earth.

Entries were reviewed in the two categories of "Lifestyles Eco Ideas" focused on designing the image of eco-living by combining Taiwan's culture and Panasonic houses and "Eco Life Appliances" featuring electrical appliances that are both practical and creative. The top teams were granted prize money, and review meetings are scheduled to discuss possible commercialization of some of the award-winning ideas and products.

Award presentation

CSR Report Published Based on International Standards

In June 2017, the Panasonic Group in Taiwan published the Taiwan Panasonic Group Sustainability Report 2016, its CSR and environmental report of the region. The report is the second of its kind, published based on international standards (Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines) by a Japanese home appliance manufacturer in Taiwan.

Since the establishment of the first Panasonic company in Taiwan in 1962, the Group has grown alongside its customers, partner companies, the industrial/governmental/academic sectors, and local residents over the past 55 years and currently has nine companies in operation. The report features the full spectrum of CSR activities, including environmental activities by the ten companies that are working in collaboration with each other.

Through disclosure of CSR performances, the company will maintain friendly ties with diverse stakeholders as well as contribute to the society through improvement and advancement of efforts.

Taiwan Panasonic Group Sustainability Report 2016

Ten Panasonic Group Companies Jointly Hold Eco-Relay Tree Planting and Beach Cleaning Activities

The ten Panasonic Group companies in Taiwan conducted tree planting activities in Taoyuan City in March 2017. More than 500 Panasonic employees participated in planting 48 trees and 2,200 saplings in parks in the city. In December 2016, over 500 of the employees participated also in beach cleaning at Zhuwei Fishing Harbor in the city. Through these activities, the Panasonic Group in Taiwan has planted roughly 20,000 trees and collected 15 tons of garbage in 5 years since 2011.

By continuing such community-rooted environmental activities, we will further raise environmental awareness among the employees and work to protect the global environment.

Tree planting activity
Beach cleaning activity


Environmental Education and Tree Planting by Schoolchildren in Turkey

Panasonic Eco Solutions Elektrik Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, our consolidated subsidiary which manufactures and markets wiring products and other devices in Turkey, places great effort into activities and corporate citizenship, especially in human resources development and environmental protection. In the area of environmental affairs, the company organizes a children's theater offering performances based on environmental conservation themes and training programs on energy management for business managers and schoolteachers at elementary and junior high schools, participates in the Earth Hour Campaign, conducts tree planting projects, etc.

In June 2016, the environmental education program and tree planting activities for elementary school students were held for the fourth consecutive year, targeting roughly 100 schoolchildren, to raise awareness of environmental issues. Tree planting was conducted at the same time, involving the schoolchildren, their teachers, and Panasonic employees. Over the past four years, more than 200 trees have been planted and 5,000 saplings donated.

Elementary school students enjoying learning

Sustainability Report Wins Top Rating by EcoVadis for the Second Year

EcoVadis offers a collaborative platform that enables business enterprises to monitor the sustainability performance of their business partners and suppliers. Its rating system is based on the analysis and assessment of each business enterprise by the four categories of "environment," "labor practices and human rights," "fair business," and "sustainable procurement." It covers 21 CSR indicators for 150 industries in 110 countries.

As a supplier in B2B businesses for automotive products and devices, Panasonic has earned top rating once again this year in the criteria of "environment" and "sustainable procurement," earning the top Gold Rating in overall evaluation, given to the top 5% of the companies covered.

Panasonic Europe Wins 2017 Green Fleet of the Year Award by UK Fleet News

In March 2017, Panasonic Europe Ltd. (PE) won the 2017 Green Fleet of the Year award by Fleet News, a leading magazine on fleet information in the UK.

The award came in recognition of the activities by PE, where plug-in hybrid vehicles are used as corporate cars, and power generated with a photovoltaic power generation system installed on the rooftop of its office building in Bracknell, UK, is used to charge the corporate cars, thus cutting down CO2 emissions. PE will continue pursuing the use of clean energy in its business activities.

Scene from the award ceremony

North America

Environmental Performance of Vacuum Insulation Material Wins Recognition

U-Vacua vacuum insulation panels marketed by Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America (PIDSA) were awarded the 2016 Product of the Year by the Environmental Leader Council in June 2016. The award is given to products showing significant excellence in environmental performance, such as energy efficiency and recycling. U-Vacua won recognition for its ability to cut down energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the product in which it is equipped by as much as 40% despite the compact size.

Scene from the award ceremony

Panasonic Ventilation Fans Win Multiple Prizes Including the Top Prize of the Energy Star Partner of the Year

In February 2017, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America (PESNA) received the 2017 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This year's award was given in recognition of our line of ventilation fans, which have among the highest energy efficiency rating among Energy Star ventilation fans products, and also for the full lineup of our products continuing to surpass the ENERGY STAR evaluation standards.

PESNA, an ENERGY STAR partner since 2010, was awarded the Partner of the Year in 2010 and 2011, and has received the Sustained Excellence Award for six consecutive years from 2012.

The ventilation fans also won the first annual Spark Award by the U.S. National Association of Homebuilders in January 2017. The award ceremony was held at the International Builders Show that took place in Orlando, Florida. The award is given to the manufacturer offering products and services of excellence that contribute to the improvement of building quality and comfort. Ventilation fans by PESNA won recognition for their both eco-conscious features and contribution to improvement in indoor air quality (IAQ).

Sustained Excellence Award Presentation Ceremony

Discussions on Higher Energy Efficiency in Greater New York

With new construction projects increasing in Greater New York, improving energy efficiency is an important issue. In February 2017, Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA) participated in the Energy Efficiency Leadership Panel held in New Jersey by the Alliance to Save Energy, a nonprofit organization promoting energy conservation.

PNA presented an overview of the smart city project CityNOW promoted by Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO) and a microgrid project in partnership with Xcel Energy Inc. at Peña Station adjacent to Denver International Airport as examples of their solutions in promoting energy efficiency in cities.

Latin America

Latin America Environmental Conference

Panasonic held its third Latin America Environmental Conference in June 2016 at its battery factory in San José, Costa Rica. The conference was attended by a total of 14 people from eight countries, including the president of Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT), Environmental Promotion Administrators from Group companies in Latin America and Japan.

Lively exchange of opinions took place regarding companywide environmental sustainability management activities, particularly in relation to compliance with factory environment regulations and product environmental regulations including recycling. In addition, a competition on environmental activities in respective factories was held for the first time in Latin America. The factory which has won the gold prize was invited to train in environmental affairs in Japan, to provide feedback of the knowledge acquired to the local site for further enhancement in activity quality.

The environmental conference in Latin America has been held for three consecutive years and is scheduled to continue into the future.

Presentations by environmental compliance administrators from various countries

Contributing to Clean and Affordable Electric Power Supply

Panasonic has been supplying self-consumption-type photovoltaic power generation systems to factories, supermarkets, hotels, schools, and other facilities for more than five years in Latin America.

In recent years, we have received orders for solar farms for power purchase agreements (PPAs) provided by our business partners, and are contributing to the supply of clean and affordable power. One such example is a project with a power company in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, where active use of renewable energy is making marked progress. The HIT photovoltaic power generation system with a system capacity of 5.1 MW has been installed. This is one of Costa Rica's largest power generation systems, capable of supplying electricity to roughly 2,000 general households in the province.

Furthermore, in Honduras, we have received an order for a system installed in a factory of a leading textile manufacturer. A system with a capacity of 7.5 MW has been installed on the rooftop of the corporate office building to supply power for consumption by its factory. There are also other projects that have been delivered to Panama and El Salvador.

Project in Honduras

Panasonic Certified as Top Member of the Panama Green Building Council

Panama Green Building Council (PGBC) is a nonprofit organization of businesses, organizations, and experts aimed at realizing a sustainable construction market. In this organization, Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) was certified as Platinum Member, the top rank among members in the Council. The recognition came as a result of the company's products showing high energy efficiency and contributing to CO2 reduction in urban activities, as well as the company's excellence in response to construction guidance and energy efficiency indicators currently under development in Panama.

In February 2017, a certification plaque was presented to the representative of the PLAT air-conditioner business from a top officer of PGBC. PLAT will make further contribution not only in the management of the Council but in the development of a sustainable construction market.

India, South Asia, Middle East & Africa

Participation in Light India, the Largest Lighting-related Exhibition in India

In October 2016, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. participated in Light India, India's largest exhibition in lighting-related products held in New Delhi, under the Panasonic brand name. In the 360-m²-booth, which was the largest among the exhibitors, the company presented a product lineup dramatically expanded to adapt to the needs of the Indian market. It also featured products such as LED lighting fixtures for the consumer market as well as nonresidential LED lighting for offices and factories that were released the same month. The booth attracted great interest, drawing many questions from over 3,000 visitors.

In the press conference held concurrently to announce the business plan for 2018, reporters from some 50 media companies attended to engage in lively questions and answers, which showed the level of interest in the LED lighting business by Anchor.

Panasonic booth at Light India

Participation in MEE 2017, one of the Largest Electrical Equipment Trade Fairs in the Middle East

Panasonic Eco Solutions Middle East & Africa (PESMAF) participated in Middle East Electricity 2017, one of the largest electrical appliance exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa that took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), in February 2017.

The booth featured wiring equipment, LED lighting equipment, indoor air quality (IAQ) products such as ventilation fans and air purifiers, solar panels, etc. The company proposed a wide range of solutions of creating energy, linking it to safety and security, and using it wisely through LED and IAQ.

Panasonic booth at MEE 2017