Environmental Sustainability Management Founded on Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

As the foundation of environmental sustainability management, Panasonic established EMS in all of our manufacturing sites across the world in fiscal 1999, and has continued to have the sites ISO14001 certified since then.

In order to further reinforce environmental sustainability management globally, we have established EMS in all our sites including non-manufacturing sites across the world, and these sites have certified ISO14001 in principle. In October 2011, we published the Environmental Management System Establishment Guidelines that summarize EMS concepts for different business forms such as manufacturing, sales and services, and head office administration, aiming to build EMS in accordance with the Basic Rules for Environmental Affairs on a global scale. Based on the Guidelines, we have practiced Environmental Sustainability Management to achieve the targets set in the Green Plan 2018.

With the ISO14001 updated in 2015, integration of environmental and business activities, and broader view activities have been required. We implemented activities to improve members’ understanding level, through study meetings for transforming to the updated situation, trainings for internal audit, information sharing relevant information with advanced Business Division(BD)s, and provision of dedicated self-learning documents for upper management, per respective Company or BD. Thereby, we completed the transformation by Sept. 2018, due date.

Training session for internal auditors

Acquired status of the ISO 14001 Certification (as of end of March 2019)

Region Number of certifications obtained*1 Total
Manufacturing Non-manufacturing
Japan 14 12 26
North America & Latin America 16 0 16
Europe & CIS 11 2 13
Southeast Asia, & Oceania 41 9 50
China & Northeast Asia 53 0 53
India, South Asia, Middle East & Africa 8 2 10
Total 143 25 168

*1 The above number includes the one for integrated certification. The number of acquired status varies every year depending on the situation such as reorganization or closure of BDs, or promotion to acquire integrated certification.