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Encouraging All Employees to Become Practitioners of Environmental Activities

We believe that the development of human resources is important in laying the foundations and promoting environmental sustainability management. To put this into action, a training curriculum is in place for each specialty and position. General Programs are organized for all employees to acquire environmental knowledge as well as learn about our environmental policy and activities. Specialized Programs are designed to bring employees' environmental skills to an advanced level.

General Programs are held every year at each business site for employees to acquire a wide range of knowledge, such as energy problems, trends in global society, and environmental activities by Panasonic. Additionally, training catered to the distinctive features of each operation is organized to provide information directly linked to business and operational activities. Other creative initiatives that we continue include environmental sustainability education to new employees and engineering-related employees using exclusive textbooks specific to their respective job experiences and skills to enable them to practice environmental action in their job activities.

In fiscal 2018, ten courses were held in the Specialized Programs, such as ISO 14001 internal environmental auditor training, environmental legislation, chemical substance management, and factory energy conservation diagnosis, and a total of 77 people took the courses.
We hold continual group training on environment risk and other key points in management for members who are assigned to overseas production sites, as companies are expected to take more and more actions for better environment a global scale.

Fostering Environmental Awareness and Skills through Global Competitions and On-site Training

The Eco Mind Skills Competition and Energy Conservation Diagnosis Skills Competition are held; as environment-related events in the Panasonic Group Manufacturing Skills Competition held annually for Panasonic employees worldwide, aimed at training employees to acquire advanced skills and become top runners in Panasonic manufacturing. We hope that these events will bring greater environmental awareness and continuous environmental activities among our employees, and thus lead to more active proposals to address and resolve wide-ranging environmental issues and business risks.

The Eco Mind Skills Competition tests the participants' capabilities in overall environmental knowledge and expertise including global environmental issues and environmental sustainability management by Panasonic, as well as environmental improvement skills of proposing and implementing improvement measures that cut down environmental impact. Training materials for the Competition, preparatory study sessions, and mock tests are held at each business site, aiming for promising contenders to win high-ranking places. Additionally, voluntary activities are being organized actively to encourage competitors to acquire and improve their knowledge in the area. In fiscal 2018, 84 members, with increased number of participants from China and Thailand, participated in the completion.

In China, which is one of the major regions where we focus business strategies on, the Eco Mind Skills Competition China has been held since fiscal 2012 at the Manufacturing Technology Learning Center (our in-house center for manufacturing education) in Hangzhou. In fiscal 2016, it was also held in Beijing.

Matters unique to the region, including essential environmental impact reduction at the business site, energy-saving and improvement activities and environmental trends and laws in China, are being included to foster greater employee awareness of the environment.

In the energy conservation diagnostic skills competition, contests are held, including skills competitions in the various fields of air conditioning, furnace & heat. In fiscal 2019, the number of participants increased to 84, including participants from China and Thailand.

The Competition requires competitors to identify energy-saving issues and improvement measures through analysis of the state of facility operations and energy use within a designated time period. It is an event that requires problem-solving capabilities based on advanced expertise and experience in environmental engineering. We award outstanding performers in the competition, and continue to promote further development of human resources capable of more advanced practices to raise the overall level of the company.

Eco Mind Skills Competition
Energy Conservation Diagnosis Skills Competition

Raising the Level of Human Resources Development Through Environmental Education and Internal Certification System

In May 2017, Panasonic Homes*1 Co., Ltd. received recognition of its excellence in environmental human resources development at the Environmental Human Resources Development Business Awards 2016, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and another organization.

The company has been offering environmental education to all its employees via e-learning since fiscal 2008. In fiscal 2014, the company introduced an internal certification system in which employees who demonstrate continuing excellence in performance are recognized as Eco-Men or Eco-Jo (which mean eco-conscious men/women; the names have been registered as trademarks) to promote human resources development in the environment field. Under the HR system of the company, the Eco Kentei (certification test for environmental specialists) is a requirement in a program granting subsidies for acquiring public certification (for labor union members), as well as a promotion requirement for all employees based on job performance standards. Accordingly, the e-learning training covers questions similar to the Eco Kentei.

*1 Its name was PanaHome Corporation as of receiving the award.

Environmental training via e-learning