Environment : Green Purchasing of Office Supplies

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Initiatives in Japan

Panasonic promotes green purchasing in all business sites in Japan. Specifically, it has formulated Rules for Promoting Green Purchasing, and sets Green Purchasing Criteria for paper and other office supplies purchased by the company. An in-house purchasing system has been established to preferentially select eco-conscious items that meet the criteria when an employee places an order for office equipment.In this way, we promote green purchasing by selecting items not only according to its quality or price but also items that have less impact on the environment.

Result of Green Purchasing* (Japan)


Amount of items through Green Purchasing(million yen)

Amount of items not through Green Purchasing(million yen)

(million yen)

Green purchasing rate (%)


Copy paper

283 (281)

0 (0)

283 (281)

100% (100%)

Printing paper

921 (915)

0 (0)

921 (915)

100% (100%)

Office stationery

Notebooks, writing instruments, files, etc.

140 (144)

40 (33)

181 (178)

78% (81%)

* Bulk purchases made by the company.

We decided to use FSC-certified paper mainly for corporate publications such as company brochures, and aimed to gradually increase the use to around 100 tons by 2010. The result of use in 2010 was 138 tons. We will continue to promote green purchasing of paper and accelerate activities for paperless work, and only use environmentally-conscious paper (except for cases where substitution of supplier is unfeasible).