Fair Operating Practices : Measures Taken Against Counterfeit Goods

The most part of counterfeit goods originate from China, and catalyzed by the growth of the internet, these goods are spreading worldwide. In recent years, counterfeit goods have also expanded from consumer products to B2B products. Not only does this lead to quality concerns (accidents and injuries) for all customers, but it also leads to economic loss (reduced tax revenue and reduced incentive for companies to develop new products) and security issues (national security threats and funding opportunities for criminal/terrorist organizations) for society.
In its efforts to eradicate counterfeit goods, Panasonic implements extensive measures globally to protect our customers and society. These measures are targeted at various stages of counterfeit goods production and distribution, including manufacturers, major trade shows, importers/exporters, wholesalers, and distributors.
Our brand is an irreplaceable asset that is testimony to the trust and satisfaction our customers and society place in us, so we will continue to resolutely respond to counterfeit goods that illegally display our brand.

Specific countermeasures

  • Raid manufacturing plants that counterfeit goods and seize them
  • Prevent negotiations about counterfeit goods from taking place at major trade shows in China
  • Work with customs officials in various countries to suspend counterfeit goods
  • Prevent the sale of counterfeit goods by retailers (including on ecommerce sites) in various countries
  • Raise market awareness about counterfeit goods by collaborating with relevant authorities in various countries
  • Urge countries with insufficient legal systems and legal practice to make improvements to these frameworks
Photo:A celebration of counterfeit goods destruction held by a relevant authorities in Vietnam

A celebration of counterfeit goods destruction held by a relevant authorities in Vietnam

Counterfeit consumer products



Home electronics

Photo:Home electronics

Counterfeit B2B products

Automatic doors

Photo:Automatic doors

Electronic parts

Photo:Electronic parts

Wiring devices

Photo:Wiring devices