Occupational Health and Safety : Performance Evaluation

Incidence of Occupational Accidents and Responses*1

Incident Rate of Work-Related Accidents

Incident Rate of Work-related Accidents

Source: "All industry average" and "Electric, machinery, and equipment manufacturing industry average" figures are from the website of the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, Japan.

Time Lost Due to Work-Related Accidents*3

Time Lost due to Work-related Accidents

Note: Total time-lost of victims due to labor accidents

Severity Rate of Accidents*4

Severity Rate of Accidents

Note: Proportion of time-lost per 1,000 hours of total working hours
*1 Data in Japanese only
*2 Total for Panasonic Corporation and its key domestic affiliates (excluding Pana Home, and including the former Panasonic Electric Works Co.,
Ltd. and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. from 2012)
*3 Total time lost of victims due to labor accidents
*4 Proportion of time lost per 1,000 hours of total working hou

At business sites where workplace accidents have occurred, Panasonic investigates the causes behind the incidents, implements measures to prevent recurrences, and shares accident case studies Group-wide, so that all business sites may implement preventive measures to avoid the same kinds of accidents themselves.
To our deep regret, one workplace death occurred in September 2016, when an employee was crushed by heavy machinery. Panasonic takes this event extremely seriously. The Production Engineering Division and Human Resources Division worked together to immediately implement emergency inspections at business sites inside and outside Japan in order to prevent a recurrence, while countermeasures have been enacted to address hazardous areas. Furthermore, with regard to the employee death that occurred at the Toyama Plant in June 2016, we solemnly accept the February 2017 official recognition of this as an occupational accident due to too many working hours, and we are making efforts Group-wide to prevent a recurrence.
For special tasks, such as handling heavy materials or chemical substances, the Company conducts work inspections based on Safety Data Sheet (SDSs) and provides employees with appropriate personal protective equipment, making every effort to minimize the required amount of such work. Panasonic also reexamines the chemicals in question in order to comply with the June 2016 compulsory regulations on chemical substance risk assessments. Additional health screenings and monitoring for employees engaged in such work are also conducted to prevent negative impacts on health, in accordance with laws and regulations.