Examples of technologies for Energy

Energy Creation Technology

Solar Cell (HIT)

Photo: Solar Cell (HIT)

The world's highest conversion efficiency among existing silicon solar cells has been achieved at the research level. This enables installation of solar cells in a limited installation area without inhibiting design.

Fuel Cell (ENEFARM)

Photo: Fuel Cell (ENEFARM)

Home Power Generation: Using hydrogen and oxygen, electricity can be generated at home according to the energy demand of each household, creating an eco-lifestyle a step ahead of the times.

Power Electronics Technology

Automotive Power Electronics / Power Semiconductor

Photo: 4 kinds of Automotive Power Electronics / Power Semiconductors

Developing SiC power semiconductors and low-loss GaN, which show promise as next-generation semiconductors. Achieving improvements in long-term reliability and the miniaturization of power supplies and industrial high-voltage inverters.

Dispersed Power Source

Photo: Various Dispersed Power Source

Making full use of power electronics and individual supplies such as solar and fuel cells, and achieving real-time and bi-directional control. Opening up a new electrical world that does not rely on conventional power transmission.

Energy-storage Technology

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

Photo: 6 kinds of Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries

Creation of a safe and ultrahigh-capacity battery was achieved through developing a new electrode material and solidifying electrolytes. This battery exponentially extends the driving distance of an electric car.

Power-storage System

Photo: Storage Battery and Lithium-ion Battery Module

Development of a system using high capacity storage batteries was proactively promoted to create an increasingly secure/comfortable life with power storage. Power-storage system, Automotive lithium-ion battery system.

Hydrogen-related Technology

Hydrogen Storage Devices

Image of chemical reaction: Hydrogen absorbed to toluene becomes organic hydride (MCH). In addition, hydrogen is discharged while organic hydride becomes toluene.

Developing proton-conducting thin film with the ultimate performance, and creating devices to absorb and store hydrogen in organic hydride. Providing a safe and secure hydrogen storage and supply method.

Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Image of electric generation by Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Also taking on the challenge of developing pure hydrogen fuel cells to help create a hydrogen society. Implementing demonstration experiments for fuel cells that use pure hydrogen at PR facilities such as a solar power installation in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Energy-management Technology

Energy-saving Related Technology

Image of products with ECONAVI logo

Electricity can be saved simply by using home appliances based on Panasonic's proprietary "ECONAVI" technology, which is capable of detecting wasted electricity and automatically saving electricity. Each home appliance thinks wisely and saves electricity.

Smart House Technology

This technology wisely controls facilities and air-conditioning/environment equipment by "visualizing" household energy-use status. Presenting a convenient lifestyle in a comfortable space with power-saving systems.

Image of heat insulation and lighting control in a house using various products and facilities.
Image of comfortable room realized by Smart HEMS