Examples of technologies for IoT/Robotics

AI Technology

Spatial Recognition

Image of distance information data converted from space information by constant high-speed spatial recognition

Spatial recognition is done through live images from different points of focus. With high-speed distance calculation capability, the distance to every object appearing on a screen is instantaneously calculated. Autofocus time is as fast as 0.07 seconds.

Multilingual Speech Translation

Photo: Multilingual speech translation devices

A hands-free multilingual speech translation system hangs from a neck strap. It can pick up sound even in a noisy environment, thus facilitating smooth communication among people who speak different languages.

UI / UX Technology

Next-generation e-Cockpit

Image of HUD (Heads up Display) unit projects information on the windshield

The industry's smallest HUD (Heads up Display) unit projects navigation and other information on the windshield without distortion.
It will contribute significantly to safer driving.

Next-generation Projection

Photo: Vision Wall displaying video in a facility

Projection mapping has been developed, featuring ultra-bright/high-resolution large screen, 3D imagery, and a curved surface display.
In combination with an infrared sensor, it provides real-time tracking of fast-moving objects.

Sensing Technology

Millimeter-wave Radar

Image of detection through windshield displaying a pedestrian who run in front of a car from right side

This high-accuracy/wide-viewing radar technology is capable of detecting pedestrians and bicycles in 0.1 seconds even during the night and when visibility is low due to dense fog. It will contribute to the achievement of a safe and secure transportation society.

Sensing Camera

Photo: Detected blood vessels of human hand using high-accuracy sensor

In addition to high image quality, high sensitivity, and high resolution, near-infrared light is used, for example, to detect blood vessels that are usually invisible. By visualizing normally invisible objects, this camera can be used for a variety of sensing applications.

Network Technology

Fifth Generation Mobile Communication

Image of fifth generation mobile communication environment using various frequency bands

Methods/technologies have been developed for high-capacity, high-speed, and low-latency next-generation communication networks,
where various frequency bands and radio systems can be used simultaneously or by switching. This creates a radio environment suitable for the IoT age.

Security Platform for IoT Equipment

Image of server security measurement protected from unauthorized access, virus, targeted attack, and spyware

An encryption and authentication module has been developed to achieve PC-level security on resource-constrained IoT/M2M devices,
facilitating construction of a safe/secure platform for the IoT age.

Mechatronics Technology

Industrial Robots

Photo: Mounting robot
Mounting robot
Photo: Parallel link robot
Parallel link robot
Photo: Welding robot
Welding robot

Ultra-fast/highly-accurate mounting/welding robots and a parallel link robot, which learns expert know-how based on hand instructions, have been developed. This provides autonomous production, automatization, and labor saving for factories.

Housekeeping/Nursing-care Robots

Photo: Cleaning robot
Cleaning robot
Photo: Rise-assist robot (Bed-type robot)
Rise-assist robot (Bed-type robot)
Photo: Personal mobility (Collaborate with WHILL Inc.)
Personal mobility (Collaborate with WHILL Inc.)

Technologies cultivated through development of industrial robots have been utilized in new products. There is the challenge of developing new markets with new products, such as a cleaning robot that demonstrates superior performance in cleaning tough corners, and rise-assist robot for people in severe need of nursing care. Social demonstration of self-driving for personal mobility has also started.

Social Issue-solving Robots

Photo: Autonomous delivery robot
Autonomous delivery robot
Photo: Underwater inspection robot
Underwater inspection robot
Photo: Robotic Checkout System “Regi-robo(TM)” (Collaborate with Lawson Inc.)
Robotic Checkout System “Regi-robo(TM)” (Collaborate with Lawson Inc.)

Robots are developed for solving human labor shortage due to aging and decrease in working population. Autonomous delivery robot that full-automatically derivers item like medicines or specimens in place of nurses in hospitals and underwater inspection robot which inspects aging dam with high precision have been realized.