List of Conference Presentations 2019

Conference name Place / Journal Date Title Publisher
IEEE ARSO2019 Beijing, China Oct 31 Kinematic Analysis of Effect on Walking Motion by Assistive Powered Wear with Wiredriven Assist Yumeko Imamura1, Kenta Murakami2, Fumiya Hanzawa3, Kazuaki Kisihimoto3, Yuko Otake4
1: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2: Panasonic
4: Tokyo University
International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials Tokyo, Japan Sep 12 A rapid protein 2D-fingerprinting device using gel-free separation materials and label-free UV detection for proteomics Toshihiro Sakamoto
IEICE Society Conference 2019 (Invited talk)
IEICE:The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Osaka, IEICE Sep 11 Long-Range Time-Of-Flight Sensing System with Vertical APD Motonori Ishii*
19th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ISEF 2019) Nancy, France Aug 31 Design of Radially-Differential Type Magnetic Harmonic Geared Motor Takahara Kazuaki1, Hajime Ukaji2
1:Osaka University
19th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ISEF 2019) Nancy, France Aug 30 Design and Analysis of Torque Superimposition Magnetic-Geared Motor Hajime Ukaji
Microscopy and Microanalysis 2019 Portland, USA Aug 7 In Situ Observation of Electrochemical Reactions in a Solid-State Battery Yuki Nomura*
MIRU(Meeting Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding) 2019 Osaka, Japan Aug 1 Depth estimation with multi-pinhole camera Satoshi Sato
MIRU(Meeting Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding) 2019 Osaka, Japan July 30 Reconstruction of privacy image by Conditional Variational AutoEncoder Yasunori Ishii1, Takayoshi Yamashita2
2:Chubu University
MIRU(Meeting Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding) 2019 Osaka, Japan July 30 Robust Image Generation using Biweight Robust Function Yasunori Ishii, Ryota Fujimura, Sotaro Tsukizawa
MRS Communications Cambridge Core Jul 26 Antibody-conjugated Near-Infrared Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dots for Biosensing Hiroto Yanagawa*
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniqes (IEEE-MTT) IEEE Jul 26 Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transfer Over 10 m with Multiple Coils Immersed in Seawater Ryosuke Hasaba
8th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials Japan (WCAM-19) Osaka, Japan Jul 24 Development of Proton Conductor Ceramics for High Reliability and Low Cost Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Noboru Taniguchi*
Scientific Reports Springer Nature Jul 12 Effects of Trans-2-Hexenal and Cis-3-Hexenal on Post-Harvest Strawberry. Junko Wakai*
Molecules Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Jul 10 Titania-catalyzed H2O2 Thermal Oxidation of Styrenes to Aldehydes Satoru Ito*
IEICE English Journal IEICE Jul 1 Human Activity Identification by Height and Doppler RCS Information Detected by MIMO Radar Dai SASAKAWA1 ,Takeshi NAKAYAMA2
1:Iwate University
ACS Applied Energy Materials American Chemical Society Jun 25 Influence of a Hole-Transport Layer on Light-Induced Degradation of Mixed Organic Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Takeyuki Sekimoto*
1: Tohoku University
2: Panasonic
The 22nd International Conference on Solid State Ionics (SSI-22) PyeongChang, Korea Jun 24 Development and Application of Practical Oxide Proton Conductor Noboru Taniguchi*
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits IEEE Jun 24 A 0.25-27-Gb/s PAM4/NRZ Transceiver With Adaptive Power CDR and Jitter Analysis Yoshihide Komatsu, Masami Funabashi
IEEE MTT-S Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC2019) London, UK Jun 20 High Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System for AUV with Multiple Coils and Ferrite under Sea Ryosuke Hasaba
Nature Communications Springer Nature Jun 17 Microscopic Ion Migration in Solid Electrolytes Revealed by Terahertz-Time-Domain-Spectroscopy Tomohide Morimoto1, Masaya Nagai1, Yosuke Minowa1, Masaaki Ashida1, Yoichiro Yokotani1, Yuji Okuyama2, Yukimune Kani3
1:Osaka University
2:University of Miyazaki
IEEE MTT-S Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC2019) London, UK Jun 17 A Study of Improve Efficiency of Broad-Angle Rectenna Using Hybrid Coupler Yuki Tanaka
The 6th International Symposium on Advanced Microscopy and Theoretical Calculations (AMTC6) Nagoya, Japan Jun 14 Visualization of a Li-Ionic Space-Charge Layer in a Solid-Electrolyte by Transmission Electron Microscopy Yuki Nomura*
Science Advances AAAS Jun 7 Ultrahydrophobic 3D/2D Fluoroarene Bilayer-Based Water-Resistant Perovskite Solar Cells with Efficiencies Exceeding 22% Yuhang Liu1, Seckin Akin1, Linfeng Pan1, Ryusuke Uchida2, Neha Arora1, Jovana V.Milić1, Alexander Hinderhofer3, Frank Schreiber3, Alexander R.Uhl1, Shaik M.Zakeeruddin1,Anders Hagfeldt1, M.Ibrahim Dar1, Michael Grätzel1
1:École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
3:Institut für Angewandte Physik
World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2019 (WHTC2019) Tokyo, Japan Jun 3 Evolution of Fuel Cell and Developing Technologies for Hydrogen Society Yukimune Kani*
Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR), IEICE Toko, Japan May 30 [Invited Lecture] A Study about IoT Solutions used LPWA Mitsuru Uesugi
CrystEngComm Royal Society of Chemistry May 29 Two-Step Epitaxial Growth of NbON (100) Thin Films on Rutile-Type TiO2 (101) Substrates and Reduction of Residual Carrier Concentration by RF Ryosuke Kikuchi*
The 2019 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Nice, France May 28 Mg-ion Conductivity and Structure of a Mesoporous Silica-based Solid Nanocomposite Electrolyte Hiroki Yabe*
235th ECS Meeting Dallas, USA May 26 Development of Redox Flow Battery Based on Lithium Ion Secondary Battery System Honami Nariyama*
SAE International Journal of Transportation Cybersecurity and Privacy SAE International May 23 Vulnerability of FlexRay and Countermeasures Takeshi Kishikawa, Kazuya Fujimura
The 31th Symposium on Electromagnetics and Dynamics Tokyo, Japan May 23 Study on Analysis Accuracy in Calculation of Output Torque of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Hirotsugu Fusayasu1, Katsuhiro Hirata2
1: Panasonic
2: Osaka University
31th Symposium on Electromagnetics And Dynamics (Sead 31) Tokyo, Japan May 23 Analysis of Radially-Differential Type Magnetic Harmonic Geared Motor Takahara Kazuaki1, Hajime Ukaji2
1:Osaka University
The 12th Global Symposium on Millimeter-Waves
(GSMM 2019)
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan May 22 Object and Direction Classification Based on Range-Doppler Map of 79GHz MIMO Radar Using a Convolutional Neural Network Hidekuni Yomo
IPEC 2019 Niigata, Japan May 21 Multi-resonant Inverter Realizing a Downsizing and Loss Reduction for All-metallic IH Cooktop Takayuki Hirokawa*
IPEC 2019 Niigata, Japan May 21 Verification of the Reduction of the Copper Loss by the Thin Coil Structure for Induction Cookers Morimasa Hataya1*, Takayuki Hirokawa2*
1: Okayama University
2: Panasonic
2019 IEEE 11th International Memory Workshop (IMW) Monterey, CA, USA May 13 Neuromorphic computing based on Analog ReRAM as low power solution for edge application Takumi Mikawa*
Sustainable Energy & Fuels Royal Society of Chemistry Apr 26 High Capacity Graphite-Like Calcium Boridecarbides as a Novel Anode Active Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries Go Tei*
2019 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit Phoenix, USA Apr 25 Suppression of Propagon Heat Transport in Amorphous Silicon Nitride Phononic Crystals Naoki Tambo*
2019 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit Phoenix, USA Apr 24 Large Valley Degeneracy and High Thermoelectric Performance in P-Type Ba8Cu6Ge40-Based Clathrates Hiroki Sato*
IEEE Underwater Technology (UT2019) Kaohsiung, Taiwan Apr 17 Experimental Study on Underwater Wireless Power Transfer with Degree of Free Position inside the Coils Ryosuke Hasaba
Applied Sciences MDPI Apr 16 Improving RNN Performance by Modelling Informative Missingness with Combined Indicators Frans J. Rodenburg1, Yoshihide Sawada2, Nobuhiro Hayashi1
1:Tokyo Institute of Technology
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C American Chemical Society Apr 15 In situ Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Space Charge Layer in a ZnO-Based All-Solid-State Electric Double Layer Transistor Takashi Tsuchiya1, Yaomi Itoh1, Yoshikazu Yamaoka2, Shigenori Ueda1, Yukihiro Kaneko2, Taku Hirasawa2, Masa-aki Suzuki2, Kazuya Terabe1
1:National Institute for Materials Science
2019 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) Monterey, CA, USA Apr 2 Reliability Issues in Analog ReRAM Based Neural-Network Processor Ryutaro Yasuhara*
Chemistry of Materials American Chemical Society Apr 1 Atomic Layer Deposition of a Magnesium Phosphate Solid State Electrolyte Jin Su1, Tohru Tsuruoka1, Takuji Tsujita2,Yu Nishitani2, Kensuke Nakura2, Kazuya Terabe1
1:National Institute for Materials Science
Journal of Solid State Chemistry Elsevier Mar 31 Spin States Investigation of Delafossite Oxides by Means of X-ray Absorption and Photoemission Spectroscopy Nobuhiro Miyata*
Solid State Ionics Elsevier Mar 25 Improvement of Mg Ionic Conduction in Magnesium Silicate Films Doped with Ca and Zr Norihito Fujinoki*
The 15th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV-15) Fes, Morocco Mar 25 High performance concentrator for thin and lightweight CPV modules Michihiko Takase*
ICLR(International Conference on Learning Representation) workshop New Orleans, US Mar 20 Explanation-Based Attention for Semi-Supervised Deep Active Learning Denis Gudovskiy, Alec Hodgkinson, Takuya Yamaguchi, Sotaro Tsukizawa
The 81st National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan Fukuoka, Japan Mar 14 Security Technology of IoT Devices Masaaki Kobayashi
Angewandte Chemie International Edition Wiley Mar 13 Direct Observation of a Li-Ionic Space-Charge Layer Formed at an Electrode/Solid-Electrolyte Interface Yuki Nomura*
International Journal of Computer Vision Springer Mar 11 Visibility Enhancement by Integrating Refocusing and Direct-Global Separation with Contact Imaging Fusataka Kuniyoshi*
63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society Baltimore, USA Mar 5 Highly Sensitive Detection of Viral Nucleoprotein Using VHH Antibody and Surface Plasmon Resonance Hiroto Yanagawa*
Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Asia Chiba, Japan Feb 27 Analysis of the Melting Temperature of VHH to Elucidate the Mechanism of the Thermal Stability of VHH Emina Ikeuchi*
Journal of Crystal Growth IOCG
(International Organization for Crystal Growth)
Feb 25 Preparation of dispersed metal nanoparticles in the aqueous solution of metal carboxylate and the tetra-n-butylammonium carboxylate Hironobu Machida1, Takeshi Sugahara2, Izumi Hirasawa3
2:Osaka University
3:Waseda University
Journal of Breath Research IOP Publishing Feb 21 Identifying Stress Markers in Skin Gases by Analysing Gas Collected from Subjects Undergoing the Trier Social Stress Test and Performing Statist Masahiko Tsukuda*
Sensors MDPI Feb 21 Electrostatic MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesters inside of Tire Treads Yasuyuki Naito*
Sensors MDPI Feb 19 Laterally Movable Triple Electrodes Actuator toward Low Voltage and Fast Response RF-MEMS Switches Yasuyuki Naito*
International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2019 (ISSCC) San Francisco, IEEE Feb 18 A 400x400-Pixel 6・m-Pitch Vertical Avalanche Photodiodes (VAPD) CMOS Image Sensor Based on 150ps-fast Capacitive Relaxation Quenching (RQ) in Geiger Mode for Synthesis of Arbitrary Gain Images Yutaka Hirose*
Scientific Reports Springer Nature Feb 12 Interference Phase-Contrast Imaging Technology without Beam Separation Seiji Nishiwaki*
Asia-Pacific International Conference on Perovskite and Organic Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics (IPEROP-19) Kyoto, Japan Jan 28 Analysis of Light-Induced Degradation of Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cell Using Multiple Techniques Takeyuki Sekimoto*
Asia-Pacific International Conference on Perovskite and Organic Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics (IPEROP-19) Kyoto, Japan Jan 28 Development of Perovskite Solar Cells for Practical Use Taisuke Matsui*
9th Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Europe (AABC Europe 2019) Strasbourg, France Jan 26 High-Power Solid State Batteries with Silica-Gel Solid Nanocomposite Electrolytes using FSI-Based Ionic Liquids Akihiko Sagara*
Advanced Materials Wiley Jan 15 Compositional Engineering for Thermally Stable, Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells Taisuke Matsui*
Applied Sciences MDPI Jan 1 Improvement in Classification Performance Based on Target Vector Modification for All-Transfer Deep Learning Yoshihide Sawada*

*Described only First Author