Picture:Berliner Philharmoniker Picture:Berliner Philharmoniker

 (c) Monika Rittershaus

Collaboration on technology development with the Berliner Philharmoniker

to deliver an authentic live concert hall experience to the home and in-car environment

Panasonic will support the Berliner Philharmoniker's internet video platform.
Digital Concert Hall, through upgrading to the optimum and highest 4K/HDR video and Hi-Res audio recording technology.
The collaboration will also extend to premium audio Technics brand and enhancing digital formats and audio streaming whilst also keeping up the tradition of high quality authentic analogue recordings.

(c) Stefan Maria Rother

Improvement of concert broadcasts to 4K HDR quality

We have built a video system in which the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall concert video distribution service is evolved conventional high definition image quality to 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range), with end to end imaging technology from the video production site to the home.

4K HDR distribution service for TV and Blu-ray players and recorders

Video of the Berliner Philharmoniker, distributed in 4K HDR, features high-resolution picture and conveys the radiance and texture of the instruments, so viewers and listeners at home can enjoy a realistic live experience like being in a concert hall.

(c) Peter Adamik


Classical music is delicate and has a wide dynamic range.
We learn about sound sources on site and from staff who are responsible for recording the music of the world-leading Berliner Philharmoniker with the highest degree of faithfulness, and are using these insights in our product development.

Car Audio

The Berliner Philharmoniker produces the finest of classical music.
We aim to create vehicle interiors where the sounds and emotions of the concert hall are reproduced without an inch of compromise.


Picture:Michiko Ogawa Picture:Michiko Ogawa

Panasonic Corporation
Executive Officer
Michiko Ogawa

An innovative collaboration between Panasonic and the Berliner Philharmoniker has begun in earnest, and as the outcome of our first major endeavor, we were able to deliver performances at the Philharmonic Hall to the world with the highest possible quality.
Through this collaboration, on which we embarked in a spirit of mutual admiration, both of us are refining our technologies and approaches using insights from one another’s accumulated history and tradition, and continuing to take on challenges side by side in the processes of artistic and cultural creation, expression, and reproduction so as to contribute to a bright future resonating with the rich emotions of music.

Picture:Olaf Maninger Picture:Olaf Maninger

Berliner Philharmoniker
solo cellist / Media Representative
Olaf Maninger

Olaf Maninger (Solo cellist and member of the Media Board of the Berliner Philharmoniker) With our partnership with Panasonic, we are beginning a new chapter in the media history of the Berliner Philharmoniker. For more than 100 years, it has been our aim to make our music available to a wide audience with the best possible technology, and our new collaboration is in keeping with this tradition. We are proud and grateful that thanks to the 4K technology provided by Panasonic, we are able to set new standards in the true-to-life streaming of classical concerts.