Renewals of the division name and the website

1 January 2018

Since January 2018, we changed the name from "Advanced Research Division" to "Technology Innovation Division."
In accordance with that, the website was renewed.

Technology IR

29 November 2017

Technical IR was held for institutional investors, securities analysts, and media stakeholders,after a long time.
In the Technical IR, Aizawa Director gave a presentation focusing on automotive secondary batteries and material informatics which shortens research time.

Establishment of AI collaboration lab with AIST

31 January 2017

We established "AIST - Panasonic Advanced AI Collaborative Research Laboratory" in order to conduct Research and Development of computer environment, advanced dialogue technology, and business support by using robot technology, in the domains of health, nursing care, distribution and service.

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Establishment of Advanced Functional Materials Research Center with NIMS

18 November 2016

To accelerate the development of research themes centered on energy-related material technologies such as next-generation solar cells and rechargable batteries, and technologies/ methods that highly analyze them, NIMS-Panasonic Advanced Functional Materials Research Center was established at the NIMS premises in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture.
*NIMS:National Institute for Materials Science

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