Interview Make an innovation of next-generation batteries based on history and achievements

Make an innovation of next-generation batteries based on history and achievements

Most advanced × total force = developing a surprising battery

"By creating materials that are not in the world, we can change the world." Ryuichi Natsui, a researcher working on material development for batteries, talks with excitement that "We are developing the batteries with amazing capacities."

I chose Panasonic because in the fields of battery that I had been continuing from university, "Panasonic had all kinds of data, knowledge and experience." While competing with competitors, I joined by confident that I would be able to do the most advanced research. That feeling leads to "exciting" which creates new possibilities everyday, and is a motivation for research everyday.

By developing materials of large capacity batteries, it will aim for the further spread of electric vehicles. If Natsui succeeds in generating new materials and a large capacity battery is born that is not comparable to what is present in the market, transferring electric cars from gasoline cars may happen immediately. If so, materials born as a result of research will contribute not only to humans, but also to the global environment.

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Looking ahead, creating transformation

Even if we succeed in developing the desired material, we do not know whether it will become a product. As a researcher to solve the problem, important thing is to anticipate what is behind your research and actions. "The word "unexpected" is not a bad meaning, we were expecting it." As research continues, it often hits the wall. At that time, think about why and how to proceed in order to lead to the solution. By predicting something in advance, I always got over the wall.

Natsui, who is fascinated by material development in most advanced battery research, states another attraction of Panasonic as fusion with researchers from different fields.
Even excellent researchers can do limited things only by themselves. "Battery materials need time for innovation" Natsui speaks. While trying to contact researchers with outstanding abilities in other fields and trying to gather information in completely different fields by jumping out of the laboratory, they are trying to make major changes in the world of batteries.

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Ryuichi Natsui

Technology Innovation Division
Major:inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, solid-state chemistry