Interview Realize viewing, examining and predicting which goes beyond human sight and cognitive

Realize viewing, examining and predicting which goes beyond human sight and cognitive

Safe and comfortable "eyes"

"I would like to leave the impression beyond the ability of human eyes." Chief researcher Nishimura who has continued development of semiconductor, pursues improvement of people's lives through imaging and sensing technologies of image sensors.
Recently, she is in research of Panasonic proprietary "Organic Photoconductive Film Image Sensor" which can dramatically expand the sensor capability. She aims to contribute to safe and comfortable society by developing "new sensors which are able to see things that human eyes cannot accurately perceive".

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How to use them for people's life

Until now, in the field of image sensors where Japanese manufacturers have lead the world, improvement of specifications such as resolution and noise characteristics has been competed. However, she says "From now, it will be required how to use that captured and processed data for people's life." Autonomous driving, sensor technology of home appliances, monitoring to infants and elderly people --. Currently, she is trying to work on combining image sensors, which are her specialized fields, with various technologies in other fields, and sending new value products to the world.

When developing new products, she thought they might be impossible, many times. However, she tried to discuss and commercialize it by repeating trial with researchers of Panasonic, domestic, overseas universities and research institutes.
She thinks that It is worthwhile when innovative products they have created are lined up in the market and emotional voices of customers, such as "life changed" or "life became comfortable", are heard.

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Era of total solution

She feels that "it will not be possible to open up new fields unless excellent researchers in each field gather." Researcher must have a deep strength in the field of expertise and have a broad perspective to overlook the whole. She thinks these two abilities are necessary as researchers working in companies. Because, "from now, it is an era that manufacturers have to comprehensive suggestion."
She is thinking that satisfaction with overcoming in cooperation with experts from various fields, when faced with high goals and big challenges, is "pleasure of researchers working at Panasonic."

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Kazuko Nishimura

Technology Innovation Division
Major:Semiconductor, Analog circuit design