Keiichi Yamamoto

Major:Computational Physics
Keyword:Multiscale Simulation
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Keiichi Yamamoto


Keiichi Yamamoto received his MS degree in Graduate School of Physics at University of Tokyo in 2000, entered Fuji Research Institute Corporation, Numerical Simulation Division. Ever since he graduated, he constantly continues to develop the simulation technology concerning Image Sensor, Inkjet and so on. In 2010, he entered Panasonic Corporation and stared to engage in the R&D of Fuel Cell. Now, he pursues the R&D process in which by using simulation, he can solve the mechanism of physical phenomena, indicate the direction of development, lead the development to success. After this, he hopes to focus on the development concerning Energy Devices and contribute their prominent progress discontinuity by utilizing his cultivated skill.



  • JP6194476 Simulation method of Multi-Component Gas Diffusion(Appropriate Outlet Boundary Condition)
  • JP6197178 Simulation method of Multi-Component Gas Diffusion(Suppression of Numerical Error)

Contributed papers