Marine Fayolle

Major:Material science
Keyword:Material, Nanoscience, Simulations, Energy, Hydrogen
Affiliated academic society:Catalysis Society of Japan、Japan Society of Applied Physics

Marine Fayolle


Marine Fayolle received two master degrees in chemical engineering (ChimieParisTech, France) and nanophysics (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France) in 2011. Then, she started to work on understanding the magnetic and electronic properties of organic semiconductors as a Ph. D student in Tada group at Osaka University in Japan. She received her Ph. D in 2015. Then, she entered Panasonic Corporation, where she first worked on the development of resins for wall coatings. She currently works in the Advanced Research Division of Panasonic where she challenges the development of hydrogen-related technologies.


Conference Papers

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  • (2014) "Effect of interface traps on organic magnetoresistance (OMAR) in organic diodes" in Elec'Mol, France
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  • (2014) "Study of the organic magnetoresistance defects in sexithiophene diodes by impedance spectroscopy" in 8th Joint Research Meeting of MEXT National Projects on Condensed Matter, Japan
  • (2018) "First principles calculations of formation enthalpy of catalysts for stability estimation in diesel particulate filters" in Annual meeting of the catalysis Society, Japan


  • PL22011023 FR "Luminescent organic-inorganic composite based on ZnO nanoparticles and its fabrication process"


  • (2017) "Magnetic field effect on pentacene-doped sexithiophene diodes" (Appl. Phys. Lett., in press)
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