Ryuichi Natsui

Major:inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, solid-state chemistry
Keyword:lithium ion battries
Affiliated academic society:The Electrochemical Society of Japan

Ryuichi Natsui


Ryuichi NATSUI was majored in Lithium Ion Batteries(LIB) when he was a student. He received MS degrees in Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2010. He was attracted by the profundity and future potential of LIB in his student days, so decided to join Panasonic, which was one of the major battery manufacturer.
When he first joined Panasonic, he was engaged in developing technology for increasing the capacity of current material for consumer LIB. He transferred to R&D department in 2012, since then, he has been in charge of developing novel cathode materials of LIB for xEV. He created some new high-capacity materials, and received in house awards for achievements in 2016. Now, he is aiming to provide innovative-LIB that can change the world in the near future.




  • JP:26(Representative:13)