Yoichiro Tsuji

Major:Electrochemistry, Inorganic chemistry
Keyword:Fuel cell, hydrogen, secondary battery
Affiliated academic society:The Electrochemical Society of Japan

Yoichiro Tsuji


Yoichiro Tsuji received his BS and MS degrees in industrial chemistry at Kyoto Univ. in Japan. In 1990, he started to work on Panasonic Crop., and since then has contributed to commercializing the world's first hybrid vehicle "Prius" battery and home fuel cell system "Ene Farm" through research on nickel-metal hydride storage batteries and solid polymer fuel cells. Since 2017 he has been engaged in research on solid oxide fuel cells at Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University for PhD. Currently, he is Director of Clean Energy Research Division at Panasonic Technology Innovation Headquarters, leading the research and development of new materials and devices for hydrogen and carbon free society.



  • ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 56, 24, P8989-8996 (2011)
  • ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA , 58, P589-598 (2011)


  • JP85785696 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly


  • Osaka Koken Association Industrial Technology Prize (2014)
  • Electrical Science and Engineering Promotin Award (2014)
  • Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award Special Prize (2015)