Make the revolution in Resources and Energy

Research topic

In Resources/Energy domain, we are challenging advanced research in materials, devices and systems, that creates technologies such as "transforming" unexploited materials to useful resources, and "producing, storing and using" the energy, aiming for the realization of a sustainable society which is safe, comfortable and earth-friendly.
These technologies bring us "carbon-free life without CO2", "stable utilization of unstable renewable energy", "local production and consumption of energy and materials".

Rechargeable battery

Research on innovative materials for next-generation lithium ion batteries that realize drastic improvement in battery capacity and shortening of charging time, innovative batteries such as all solid-state batteries, lithium-air batteries and multivalent ion batteries

Interview Make an innovation of next-generation batteries based on history and achievements

Hydrogen/Energy system

Research on hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage devices, distributed energy systems, etc., aimed at a clean lifestyle coexisting with nature

Interview Take the lead of hydrogen realization society


Research on high efficiency Photovoltaic that overturns common knowledge of conventional solar cells based on the material innovation

Thermoelectric conversion

Research on unexplored thermoelectric materials making full use of computational science to realize highly efficient thermoelectric power generation devices utilizing enormous wasted heat

Value added food

Research which aims for reforming food value chain and searching for new food resources based on biotechnology and catalyst technology