Because clean energy and autonomous cars have been progressing rapidly toward commercialization, there has been a growing expectation for social system innovation. However, numerous breakthroughs are still required for novel technologies to truly change our society. The Advanced Research Division, Panasonic is expected to overcome difficulties through overwhelming innovations, improving peoples’ lives while progressing toward a sustainable society.

Four Strategic Areas in Materials and Devices Research

The Advanced Research Division, Panasonic develops next-generation technologies in the following four areas of research focusing on materials and devices:

  1. Core Technology for Energy and Sensing
    Development of discontinuous technologies for energy and sensing devices, such as including rechargeable batteries, photovoltaics, fuel cells, and organic image sensors.
  2. Emerging Technologies for New Markets
    Creation of emerging technologies for growing markets wherein Panasonic has not yet extended its business activities.
  3. Strategic Platform Technology
    Strengthening of novel platform technologies covering different research areas.
  4. Pioneering Research
    Creation of disruptive technologies that prioritize the creativity and serendipity of researchers.

The key to breakthroughs is the ability to "create proposals."

The ability to "create proposals" is the most essential element for achieving breakthroughs. "Creating proposals" refers to a researcher who identifies a problem to be solved, sets an aggressive goal, and provides a clear and effective solution. We believe that creating proposals is nothing but conducting research. Therefore, the application of the "create proposals" concept to all phases of research and development is essential. Proposals should be original and must provide superior solutions to problems that have not been accurately resolved previously.

Masato Aizawa

Director, Technology Innovation Division

Ph.D at Utah University, USA.
Ph.D. researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada.
Research Council Officer at National Center Institute,Canada for Nanotechnology.
Joined Panasonic Corporation in August 2008.
Director of Advanced Research Division in August 2017.
Director of Technology Innovation Division from January 2018.
Specially appointed professor at Osaka University from 2016.
Additionally, Visiting Professor at Kobe University from 2017.