UD Universal design

How much consideration can people show to others?

Universal Design (UD) embodies utilizing creativity for the consideration of others.

Japan is facing a super-aging society at an unprecedented global level.
So we need to come up with ideas and products for realizing a society
where everyone can enjoy a lively and abundant lifestyle at all times.

In addition to an aging society, we are also dealing with an accompanying decline
in the birth rate. Decline in the working-age population. Realizing a society where women can actively participate. Responding to an increasingly globalized economy and service-oriented industry.
Ever-progressing diversity. Tackling these issues in a variety of ways, starting with “the language barrier of Japanese” faced by foreigners visiting Japan.
Panasonic will resolve each of these issues using universal design (UD) that provides comfort and convenience for everyone.

2018 is the 100th Anniversary of the foundation and for the next century in the business,
that shows consideration to more people regardless of their generation,
nationality or physical ability. At Panasonic, we believe this is precisely the society Japan should aim to be.

Greater convenience for more users.
A better lifestyle for more people.
Please join Panasonic as we embark on this challenge.

UD Policy

The object of our company’s UD is to provide greater consideration to more people through its products and services, there by realizing a lively, comfortable and richer lifestyle.

6 Basic Principles of UD

We work with these six basic principles to actualize our UD Policy.

1: Considerations for making operations easily understandable
2: Considerations for using easy-to-understand indications and expressions
3: Considerations for providing users with stress-free postures and
4: Considerations for users’ movements and space
5: Considerations for the users’ safety and space of mind
6: Considerations for the operating environment

Utilizing Panasonic UD to resolve many social issues

Panasonic will utilize its UD to help resolve many of the issues facing Japan, including an aging society and declining birth rate, innovation in work styles, active participation of women, globalization, emergencies, and realizing a society that acknowledges diversity.