UD Universal design

Panasonic wants to build a society where everyone can live exciting and fulfilling lives.

At Panasonic, we define Universal Design (UD) as creativity that helps individuals and the community.

In Japan, there are a host of challenges that demand solutions: an aging population, low birthrate, and an increasing diversity of needs.
Meanwhile, globalization and the shift from industry to services are making the world more complicated than ever.
That’ s why we’ re working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals so that no individual is left behind.

Technology never stops advancing.
Today we’ re transitioning from a world of mass production and consumption into one that optimizes goods and services for the needs of each individual.
It’ s time to create a happier society, in which everyone shines with their own light while caring for those around them.
That’ s the world that Panasonic wants to create.
Because we built our success by focusing on people and supporting their daily lives.

In 2020, the world will gather in TOKYO.
All eyes will be on Japan.
Panasonic is getting ready for that watershed year, and for the future beyond.
Because people and communities are our focus, we at Panasonic will never stop updating the quality of modern living.
Come join us in that challenge.

UD Policy

The object of our company's UD is to provide greater consideration to more people through its products and services, there by realizing a lively, comfortable and richer lifestyle.

6 Basic Principles of UD

We work with these six basic principles to actualize our UD Policy.

1: Considerations for making operations easily understandable
2: Considerations for using easy-to-understand indications and expressions
3: Considerations for providing users with stress-free postures and
4: Considerations for users’ movements and space
5: Considerations for the users’ safety and space of mind
6: Considerations for the operating environment

Utilizing Panasonic UD to resolve many social issues

Panasonic aims to realize a sustainable society that leaves no one behind, working in the belief that UD design can be used to contribute to a number of social issues, including the aged society, declining birth rates, diversity, work-style innovation, globalization, and emergencies.

SDGs corresponding icon Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being Goal 4: Quality Education Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable development Goals