UD used to make even the manual / packaging easy to use and understand.

We implement universal design ideology in order to improve not only the products, but also the packaging and manuals that accompany these products, so that an even wider range of customers can use the products with ease.

photo: J Concept Variable pressure IH thermos rice cooker: Instruction booklet

Instructions that you want to read, and which make the product more enjoyable

J Concept Variable pressure IH thermos rice cooker: Instruction booklet

We’ve revamped the image of instruction booklets, and incorporated a stylish magazine-type design that will make users want to pick up
the booklet and read it. By focusing on the visual appeal (understand quickly at a glance) that draws on the new J concept range of user-
friendly and aesthetically-appealing home appliances, we’ve created an easy-to-use and fun-to-read instruction booklet for all customers.
J Concept Series: New type home appliance series of user-friendly and aesthetically-appealing, mainly targeted for elderly people in Japan.

Logo: 2016 Japan Manual Contest. Received the 'Division Excellence Award', and the 'Planning Award'
photo: IC Recorder: Spoken manual for the visually impaired

An introduction of all operations via an audio screen reader

IC Recorder: Spoken manual for the visually impaired

We wanted to create a manual that’s easy to use even for the not-so-digital savvy carers. By combining the carers’ manual that includes diagrams and simple wording with the manual for visually impaired people with only normal font size , we’ve developed a layout that’s easy to understand for both users at the same time. The positive feedback we’ve received confirms this new layout enables the users to learn how to operate the device in a shorter time.

Logo: Received the 'Consumer-orientated Activity Award' at The Second Consumer-orientated Activities Awards
Logo: Received the 'Electronic Manual Excellence Award' and the 'Planning Award' at the 2015 Japan Manual Contest
photo:Domestically-orientated LED light bulb packaging. An easily selectable package with the specifications with regards to size, brightness, color, etc., on the base

Supporting the hard decision of choosing the right light bulb

LED Light Bulb Packages for Japan (from 2013)

We believe that ease of choosing is part of the usability of a product: We organized key product information on the packages to simplify the decision making.

photo: Packaging for Technics headphones

Packaging that expresses warm hospitality

Packaging for Technics headphones (from 2016)

Many high-priced headphones are packaged snugly inside a box, and while this is aesthetically appealing, more than a few consumers find it difficult to take out the headphones from the packaging. So we kept this in mind and developed original packaging for our relaunched Technics headphones; the purchaser opens the door-style packaging and is pleasantly surprised to find the headphones popping forward ready to be easily taken out and used. This UD packaging embodies the unique hospitality that is Made in Japan. (patent pending)