Panasonic Group's UD Policy and Measures

UD Policy

The object of our company's UD is to provide greater consideration to more people through its products and services, there by realizing a lively, comfortable and richer lifestyle.

6 Basic Principles of UD

We work with these six basic principles to actualize our UD Policy.

  1. Considerations for making operations easily understandable 
  2. Considerations for using easy-to-understand indications and expressions 
  3. Considerations for providing users with stress-free postures and movements 
  4. Considerations for users' movements and space 
  5. Considerations for the users' safety and peace of mind 
  6. Considerations for the operating environment

Exploring New Customer Value by UD

With the aim to expand the market, we are able to not only offer convenience and comfort through our UD activities, but also introduce our products to customers who, up till now, have not been able to use these products.

History of Our UD Activities