photo: Universal design products (Toilets, vacuum cleaners, walk-training robot, microwave ovens, TVs, delivery boxes, laptop computers, flashlights)

Utilizing Panasonic UD
to resolve many social issues

anasonic aims to realize a sustainable society that leaves no one behind, working in the belief that UD design can be used to contribute to a number of social issues, including the aged society, declining birth rates, diversity, work-style innovation, globalization, and emergencies.

Striving for a world where even more people, including the elderly, can live comfortably and conveniently.
Panasonic offers universal design for a super-aging society.

For realizing a society where parents can safely give birth and raise their children.
Tackling a declining birth rate with universal design.

Panasonic will use its universal design to promote greater equality in a society that requires an increasingly diverse range of skilled people.

Society is changing at a dizzying pace, as seen in innovations in working styles and the greater participation of women in society.
Panasonic offers universal design to support the lifestyles of these changing times.

Panasonic will also develop foreign-friendly universal design to meet the needs of our increasingly globalized world.

Not only for everyday use, but also for an emergency.
Panasonic is developing universal design items for use during disasters and other emergencies.