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Considering More People's Safety

Safe and Easy Installation

By using the method of attaching to the wiring duct, simple installation is realized without the need for wiring, enabling for easy installation in shops and institutions.

Professional-Use Projector

The light main body with a turn lock mechanism enables easy installation by one person.

HDインテグレーテッドカメラ AW-HE120W

HD Integrated Camera

Designed to be easy to carry, with a concave grip on all four sides of the base.

業務用プロジェクター PT-DZ21Kなど

Professional-Use Projector

Safety and Usability for Children

Easily installed into schools and hospitals and will not cause burns or fires even if it falls over.

ヒートレスファン式加湿器 FE-KFE15など

Heatless Humidifier

Easy intuitive operation. Robust design that fits smoothly in the hand.

A digital high-definition video camera for education

Safety and reassurance in the medical and care front lines

Simple and safe operation allowing just a single care-giver to aid a person in care to sit up, increasing chances for the care-receiver to get out of bed and lightening the load on the care-givers.

Transfer Assist Bed Resyone

Developed with a focus on easy carrying and holding, so that it can withstand the fast-paced activities of healthcare facilities.

Tablet PC