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Design Considerations Based on the Context of Use

Versatile Functions and Features for Professional Fields

The rugged design resists dust and rain. The illuminated keys are wider, allowing a gloved hand to operate it in the dark.

Handheld Computer

The screwdriver detects the load and automatically selects an optimal mode.

Automatic speed control screwdriver

The angle of the display can be easily adjusted, switching between horizontal and vertical positions. It can be disassembled easily, allowing for use in many different work environments.

POS Work Station

Leaf-shaped keys have rounded corners in the direction that the fingers move, making it easier to type, even on a small laptop.

Laptops (Let’snote)

Use Devices in Environments Where They Could Not be Used Before

Resistant to damage from falls, vibration, shock, water, and dust. They can be used in various rugged environments.