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Considerations for Mobility and Usage Environment

Facilitating Usability

Allows users to customize the top menu layout by placing their most commonly used buttons for easy access.

Car Navigation System (Strada)

The motion control function allows drivers to perform a variety of operations with finger motions without having to keep looking at the screen, helping safe driving.

Route information is displayed in front of the driver, allowing him/her to check the required information with minimum eye movement.

Front Info Display

Single Hand Operation

Designed to be operated with one hand. Unlock, cover open/close, and plug/unplug can all be done with one hand.

Electric Vehicle Charging Outlets

Hands-Free and Safe

Placed around one’s neck, the LED lights up a large area around your feet. When forcefully pulled, it unfastens for safety.

LED Neck Light

Safety for Nighttime Walking

In dark places, light at a specific wavelength looks brighter. Akarumina mainly emits light near this wavelength.

LED Security Light

LED Security Light

Building walls and white lines look brighter. Since the areas between the lamps are also bright, the road surface looks uniform.


General daylight-white LED


Akarumina white LED