New Initiatives in UD

By pursuing and advancing the basic principles of UD - "Usable by Many", "Easy to Use", and "Simple to Understand", we are also initiating a psychological approach of improving the users' experience and enjoyment.

Fun to Use

Multi-directional soleplate allows for smooth ironing in all directions.

Cordless 360 Degree Multi-Directional Iron

The sensor lights up as the vacuum sucks in the house dust, creating enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

House Dust Sensor

Extensive menu makes physical therapy enjoyable.

Rehabilitation Navigation System (Digital Mirror)

Everyday Convenience X Being Ready for the Unexpected

Everyday: Any battery of size D, C, AA, or AAA can be used.
Emergency: Can be turned on with only a single battery on hand.

Any Battery Flashlight

Everyday: Gentle interior lighting.
Emergency: Automatically becomes a flashlight when tipped over.

Contactless Interior Light

Everyday: Outdoor lantern that can be easily carried outside.
Emergency: Continues to shine for 20 hours.

Rechargeable Lantern

Everyday: Two speakers ensure sound clarity.
Emergency: The windup charger can be used for charging mobile phones.

Windup Radio

Everyday: The Cordless lighting device that can be readily placed anywhere.
Emergency: The flashlight.

Compact Solar Light

Provides Sustainable Electricity to Off-Grid (Non-Electrified) and Disaster Areas

A shipping container equipped with independent power supply system, including solar panels, storage batteries, and a charge/discharge controller.

Power Supply Container