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photo: Grandmother using walk-training robot

Getting around on your own legs makes you want more out of life.

Persistence pays̶a machine for the elderly that encourages self-motivated exercise.
We help motivate the elderly, because carrying on is important.

photo: Walk-training robot

Product Features

We have paid close attention to the details so as to increase motivation to exercise in the elderly. These include a streamlined design, how it encourages good posture when exercising, easily understandable information provision notifying users of exercise-related topics and how their exercise is benefiting them, and an artificial-intelligence-powered optimum load assignment function for extra safety̶all features that are sure to enhance the effects of exercise.

Graph: Example of effects of use and data acquisition (follows two individuals requiring level 2 nursing care over 9 months) Change in walking speed, Balance while walking

Other UD products[Diversity]

Panasonic will use its universal design to promote greater equality in a
society that requires an increasingly diverse range of skilled people.

Voice Guidance Smoke Alarm

The voice announcement of a fire can quickly alert people during an emergency.

Easily operated by voice TV/Blu-ray Disc Recorder

Even those who find the complicated features challenging can use every day phrases to easily
operate the TV, from its basic features to selecting programs and searching the internet.

Notification with Lights Doorbell with Light

Doorbell notifies people with hearing difficulties through sound and flashing light.

Reduces nursing care burden ResyonePlus

Drastically reducing the time and effort to get in and out of a wheelchair.
Rise assisting robot that lessens the burden on carers.

Easy for everyone to use Let’s Remocon ST
Let’s Remocon AD (Input-assistance type)

The user-friendly and simple design enables the elderly and people
with restricted hand movement to operate their TV.