[Aged society] UD for a more convenient daily life -Compatible product example-

photo: Universal design bathtub

Paying attention to safety for the elderly made for a bath more conductive to relaxation.

Smile Bathtub

Easy to straddle, so you can get in and out with ease. Relax in water up to your shoulders in this new form Smile Bathtub.
Designed with consideration for the effects of aging.

photo: Smile Bathtub

Product Features

A safe design with a straddling height 5cm lower, so you do not have to lift your legs so high.
The height difference between the floor and bottom of the bathtub is small, enabling stability when getting in and out.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Measures for peace of mind,Comfortable posture
Product Description Photo

Other UD products[Aging society]

Striving for a world where even more people, including the elderly, can live comfortably and conveniently.
Panasonic offers universal design for a super-aging society.

J concept Bag-type vacuum cleaner Easy housework

We reconsidered the materials used in the body and components to make them as lightweight as possible.
A 2kg* lightweight vacuum cleaner that even lightens your mood!
*Weight of main unit

There are 3 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Easy-to-carry design,Illuminated notifications

Home Elevator Move comfortably, even in a wheelchair

We reduced the size of the home elevator for easier and simpler installation, while maintaining minimal size for wheelchairs.

There are 4 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Wheelchair accessibility,Large buttons,Voice guidance

Air Conditioner with Filter Cleaning Robot Easy to maintain

The self-cleaning filter works when used in high places, making it easy to maintain.

There are 2 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Easy-to-care design

Fully self-cleaning Toilet Alauno Automatically cleans the toilet via bubble power

Thoroughly cleans the bowl with bubbles and running water each time you flush.
A cushion of bubbles prevents dirt from flying up from the bowl.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Easy-to-care design,Braille indications

Range Hood with Hydrophilic and Fluorine Coating Doesn't leave the day-to-day dirt

This product reduces the cleaning frequency to once every 10 years with a new design that shakes off oil with high-speed rotation.

There are 2 UD compatible items, Somatic measures,Easy-to-care design

Rechargeable Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid Easy communication

The rechargeable hearing aid is easy to use and care for, even for elderly people.It uses wireless charging technology with a built-in rechargeable battery.Simply place it on the charger.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Auditory measures,Voice guidance,Easy-to-care design

Clouge Apartment Intercom System Easy communication

With features such as cloud-based services and concierge-like visitor reception, this intercom system enhances communication features to provide comfortable and secure home living.

There are 3 UD compatible items, Measures for peace of mind,Large buttons,Multilingual support

Smart step open kitchen, cooking outlet Thoroughly easy to use

Equipped with smart convenient functions from the perspective of the cook, including outlet placement. Enables cooking in comfort.

There are 2 UD compatible items, Comfortable posture,Easy-to-care design