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photo: Universal design vacuum cleaner

A 2kg lightweight vacuum cleaner that even lightens your mood! ※ Weight of main unit

Remaking everything from scratch.
The 2kg body is easy even for elderly people to use.

photo: J concept Bag-type vacuum cleaner

Product Features

We reconsidered the materials used in the body and components to make them as lightweight as possible. Using Panasonic’s original and advanced material PPFRP, were able to develop a vacuum cleaner with a lighter and stronger body than ever before, and that’s easy even for elderly people to use.

The MC-PA330GX (W264×D383×H219mm) is a conventional Panasonic product for which we cut the main unit's weight by approximately half (compared to the Panasonic PA series), making it approx. 4.1kg. For the new J Concept product MC-JP520G(W195×D383×H191mm), approx. 48% was cut by changing resin parts and making it smaller (by using PPFRP). Approx. 56% was cut by using a new lightweight motor (size reduced, aluminum used). Approx. 48% was cut by using a new layout (components made smaller and lighter). With these changes, the new product is approx. 2.0kg, an approx. 50% reduction of the total weight.

Other UD products[Aging society]

Striving for a world where even more people, including the elderly, can live comfortably and conveniently.
Panasonic offers universal design for a super-aging society.

Minimize the Strain on Legs and Lower Back Handrail For Bathroom

New handrail with an integrated storage shelf in one unit, offering both functionality and spatial beauty for bathrooms

Reduce the laundry burden for those less able to walk Compact and mobile clothes line

With the flick of a switch, you can lower the pole to your hand level, making it easy to hang out the washing in a comfortable posture.

Easy to maintain Air Conditioner with Filter Cleaning Robot

The self-cleaning filter works when used in high places, making it easy to maintain.

Doesn't leave the day-to-day dirt Range Hood with Hydrophilic and Fluorine Coating

This product reduces the cleaning frequency to once every 10 years with a new design that shakes off oil with high-speed rotation.

Move comfortably, even in a wheelchair Home Elevator

We reduced the size of the home elevator for easier and simpler installation, while maintaining minimal size for wheelchairs.

Easy mobility High-Definition Wide Display System for Vehicles

Wide display and mirrorless camera assist people to drive safely.