[Aged society] UD for a more convenient daily life -Products and Services-

photo: Universal design bathtub

Paying attention to safety for the elderly made for a bath more conductive to relaxation.

Easy-to-use design verified through actual usage observations.
Designed with consideration for the effects of aging.

photo: Smile Bathtub

Product Features

Panasonic analyzed straddling ease using digital simulations and a specially designed suit that replicated the experience of an elderly individual. In addition, with direct feedback from elderly volunteers, Panasonic performed tests with hot water in the bathtub to better understand the physical changes that come with aging, and to better incorporate that understanding in the design. The process involved repeated prototype designing, evaluation, and design modification in the quest to create an easy-to-use bathtub.

Physical load analysis using digital simulations.The higher the leg must be raised to straddle the edge, the greater the burden is on the leg being raised.

Other UD products[Aging society]

Striving for a world where even more people, including the elderly, can live comfortably and conveniently.
Panasonic offers universal design for a super-aging society.

Easy housework J concept Bag-type vacuum cleaner

We reconsidered the materials used in the body and components to make them as lightweight as possible.
A 2kg* lightweight vacuum cleaner that even lightens your mood!
*Weight of main unit

Reduce the laundry burden for those less able to walk Compact and mobile clothes line

With the flick of a switch, you can lower the pole to your hand level, making it easy to hang out the washing in a comfortable posture.

Easy to maintain Air Conditioner with Filter Cleaning Robot

The self-cleaning filter works when used in high places, making it easy to maintain.

Doesn't leave the day-to-day dirt Range Hood with Hydrophilic and Fluorine Coating

This product reduces the cleaning frequency to once every 10 years with a new design that shakes off oil with high-speed rotation.

Move comfortably, even in a wheelchair Home Elevator

We reduced the size of the home elevator for easier and simpler installation, while maintaining minimal size for wheelchairs.

Easy communication Rechargeable Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid

The rechargeable hearing aid is easy to use and care for, even for elderly people.It uses wireless charging technology with a built-in rechargeable battery.Simply place it on the charger.