[Declining birth rate] UD to support child rearing - Products and Services -

photo: “Parent and child to ride an electric assisted bicycle with children

A bicycle that is safe for children enhances the time that parents and children spend together.

Every risk eliminated one-by-one.
Model offering stress-free rides for all the family.

photo: Electric assisted bicycle with children

Product Features

Panasonic invented a bicycle that acts as a reassuring child-rearing partner by closely examining every single aspect, from the design of child seats and anti-toppling mechanisms, through to reducing the number of processes required to commence pedaling and ensuring long-life batteries.

Rakuick, wireless verification, unlocks with one push of a button. Gyutto Premium Seat, adjust belt quickly with one-hand. High capacity 20Ah battery, Can be ridden daily for 10 days without being recharged.

Other UD products[Declining birth rate]

For realizing a society where parents can safely give birth and raise their children.
Tackling a declining birth rate with universal design.

Prevent injuries caused by falling over Magnet plug

The plug is attached by a magnet, making it trip-proof

Improve facilities and prevent injuries Closet foldable door

A cover on the door hinge moves in relation to the hinge, so that child’s finger does not enter the hinge

Enjoying using it with your children Steam oven microwave

Includes a Kids’ Course for you to enjoy cooking with your children.
Cooking procedures can be checked using color touch controls.

Safety and Convenience for Children Hair Trimmer for kids

The design focuses on safety, ensuring that the blades do not make direct contact with the skin. Maintenance is also simple.

Usability for children Touch Screen LCD Display

An electronic blackboard supporting color UD.
Can be operated easily by children simply by touching the screen.

Function to assist in a child's study CD language learner

Learn languages by recording your own voice and using the teaching CDs to improve listening and speaking skills.