[Declining birth rate] UD to support child rearing - Products and Services -

Children can wake up by themselves by having light like the morning sun
that helps parents a lot for busy morning.

A ceiling light modelled on the sun.
Helping children to wake up on their own using light similar to the morning sun and an alarm

photo:LED Ceiling light “Awakening light”

Product Features

The light and sound of the alarm gradually increase as the sun rises, letting the children know it’s time to wake up. Children can wake up comfortably after a sound sleep.

Explanatory graph: Schematic diagram for the changing of lighting

Other UD products[Declining birth rate]

For realizing a society where parents can safely give birth and raise their children.
Tackling a declining birth rate with universal design.

photo:Magnet plug

Prevent injuries caused by falling over

Magnet plug

The plug is attached by a magnet, making it trip-proof

photo:Closet foldable door

Improve facilities and prevent injuries

Closet foldable door

A cover on the door hinge moves in relation to the hinge, so that child’s finger does not enter the hinge

photo: Steam oven microwave、Example of operational menu

Enjoying using it with your children

Steam oven microwave

The display can switch between a simple screen and kid’s course for children to also use.

photo:Hair Trimmer for kids

Safety and Convenience for Children

Hair Trimmer for kids

The design focuses on safety, ensuring that the blades do not make direct contact with the skin. Maintenance is also simple.

photo:A digital high-definition video camera for education

Usability for children

A digital high-difinition video camera for education

The user-friendly magnifying glass design and intuitive operation make it easy for kids to use.

photo:CD language learner

Function to assist in a child's study

CD language learner

Learn languages by recording your own voice and using the teaching CDs to improve listening and speaking skills.