photo: Ball lantern that turns on just by pressing the main unit

Even the tiniest of light provides great comfort during an emergency.

Our goal was to develop something for everyday use, rather than just for an emergency.
Use it as everyday indoor lighting and as a flashlight during an emergency.

photo: LED Lantern in use

Product features

A familiar-shaped globe lantern to use in an emergency,
as well as every day. Provides a reassuring glow, with up to
40 days of continuous light on a low setting.

Explanatory graph: Explanatory graph Approx. 40 days of continuous lighting on low brightness: Approx. 1,000 hours on low brightness, approx. 55 hours on high brightness (with 3 AA Evolta batteries)

Other UD products[Emergencies]

Not only for everyday use, but also for an emergency.
Panasonic is developing universal design items for use during disasters and other emergencies.

Everyday convenience × Being ready for the unexpected Any-battery light

A light that works with any battery from AAA to D, and also provides light during an emergency with whatever battery is on hand.

Everyday convenience × Being ready for the unexpected Either-battery light

A light that works with either AA or AAA batteries, and is compact enough for children to hold.

Everyday convenience × Being ready for the unexpected Mighty Multi Light

A flashlight providing greater levels of safety by simultaneously illuminating dark areas in front and around the feet when walking.

Hands-Free and Safe LED Neck Light

Placed around one’s neck, the LED lights up a large area around your feet. When forcefully pulled, it unfastens for safety

Works even without batteries Windup Radio

A radio you can listen to by hand-winding it to power up.
It can run without batteries, and also charge mobile and smart phones.

Also works as an emergency power source Solar street light

In addition to providing emergency street light and an evacuation site, it is also connectable to various equipment as a power source.